Explore these five popular street food tours in India

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Explore these five popular street food tours in India  28th February 2021


Several factors need to be considered while finalising your holiday destination. You need to think about the budget, hotels, amenities, safety, etc. But one of the essential elements which determine your vacation destination is food.

Street food has a huge fandom. People of all ages love the culture of street food and local cuisine. You not only get varieties of food, but street food is quite pocket-friendly and on-the-go. If you are a food enthusiast, then different street food tours in our country will give you an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

In this blog, we will be discussing five popular street food tours in India.

1. Street food crawl in Varanasi:
A food tasting tour of Varanasi's old town helps you explore the food culture, which still hints at the ancient palette of the city's long history. A part of this walking, street food tour is visiting the oldest shop in Kashi and seeing how the most famous delicacies are prepared and tasting them after a quick demonstration.

2. Food and Heritage walk in Old Delhi:
While New Delhi has seen fast-paced growth and development and is still advancing with time, Old Delhi holds the culture together and keeps it alive. It brings the generations together with heritage and food.
Mixing heritage walk with food in Old Delhi immerse you in the places from cultural depths and taste the local cuisines that carry the original flavours from the legacies of the Mughal Dynasty. Old Delhi is a tasty retreat especially for non-veg lovers to enjoy a few unique and mouth-watering delicacies at every stall.

3. The food lanes of Kolkata:
A food tour in Kolkata begins with a bit of street vendors and leads to exploring one spot followed by another. During your time in Kolkata, you will get to taste jumbo prawns in coconut milk curry, onion bhajis, a range of chicken curries, and different varieties of authentic Bengali sweets like rasgulla and cham-cham that will melt your heart.
The tour has the perfect ending- coffee at one of the oldest colonial coffee houses in Kolkata. You can explore many Bengali delicacies and drinks during your exploration of Kolkata food streets.

4. Explore Jaipur food trail:
A food tour of Jaipur offers you the experience of the culture of Jaipur through its food palette. In just a few hours during your trip around Hawa Mahal, you can taste the famous and authentic delicacies of Jaipur. You will get the opportunity to explore the traditional and historical places, eat Rajasthani dishes and shop in the street markets.

5. Eat where locals go in Old Mumbai:
This food adventure in Mumbai gets you to explore three different districts that offer distinct delicacies like curries with crispy papads, Chowpatty's chaat, snacks, kebabs, hand-churned ice creams, and much more. All this food paired with stories about the vibrant Old Bombay will make your visit a memorable one.

After the delicious discussion about these popular street food tours in India, you also need to understand the importance of your safety during the trip. These tours will take you through crowded streets and congested spaces. It would be wise to explore different insurance plans of the best general insurance company to ensure the safety of you and your belongings while travelling.

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