Five best tips to deal with auto mechanics

Five best tips to deal with auto mechanics  29th September 2022

Buying a vehicle is a significant milestone in the lives of most people. However, it is a depreciating asset that requires much care to maintain. Irrespective of how well you drive, your car is bound to need some repair and maintenance at regular intervals by an expert and professional auto mechanic.

Most people get intimidated by a trip to the auto mechanic from the fear of the high prices and a lack of general understanding of the auto mechanics. Purchasing car insurance India is the first step to ensuring your vehicle is always protected.

When it comes to dealing with auto mechanics, following these five simple tips will ensure that you have a stress-free visit where you understand the costs and advice of the professionals.

1. Be prepared to communicate:
Communication is the most crucial aspect of any problem-resolution situation. You must be aware of any problems you wish to get checked. You don't need fancy jargon to explain the issue; as experts, a general idea is enough to give them an understanding of the underlying issue. You must be prepared to express what you expect- a regular maintenance check or component-specific troubleshooting.

2. Ask relevant questions:
Another major mistake is not asking questions. They may use jargon and quote estimates that you may not understand. Do not shy away from asking for clarifications. We do not recommend hovering around the mechanics. Still, it is justifiable to ask for estimates relating to costs, tips to prevent the problem from recurring, and help for other allied issues.

3. Read up on your car:
Knowing your car's make, features, and performing abilities allow you to understand the standard performance of the vehicle. Only then can you identify any variance that may require the inspection of a professional mechanic.
We recommend reading the car manual thoroughly and keeping information related to its identification number and component-related specifications handy in case it is required when scheduling a servicing appointment.

4. Request for original components from the manufacturers:
Buying a car is expensive, and any allied costs are just as expensive. Repairs and replacements can be pocket draining and are periodically required to keep your vehicle in its best shape. However, don't settle for replacing original components with copies made of inferior quality materials to minimise the bill.
Since regular repair costs are not included in car insurance India, the price of original components will inevitably have to be paid from your pocket.
However, using inferior substitutes will adversely impact your vehicle's performance and safety, putting your life at risk. Therefore, it is essential to request the mechanic to use original components to maintain the safety of your car.

5. Be available to approve further repairs:
In most cases, as mechanics work on the vehicle, they find other issues relatively more minor than the issue they are resolving presently. In such situations, they contact the owner to inform and ask for approval of comprehensive repairs. If you are unavailable at such times, the issue will magnify and cause concern.
If your car is at the garage and you get a call from the mechanic, it is suggested to respond at the earliest to get further updates that can improve the functioning of your vehicle.

Interacting with auto mechanics can be challenging, but it is a routine check you cannot skip, which is as crucial as purchasing car insurance India. However, dealing with auto mechanics can be simplified using our easy steps to get insight and the most value for your money.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.