Five best two-wheeler renting tips to enhance your riding experience

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Five best two-wheeler renting tips to enhance your riding experience  18th January 2022


Various fitness trends have come and gone since the 2000s, but people are still looking for new ways to get fit. With the global pandemic hitting us, people now prefer to work out in their homes because of the government’s orders to close gyms. As a result, online gym classes are also on the rise. Let us look at the upcoming fitness trends in 2022.

Riding a two-wheeler is the perfect way to beat traffic on busy roads. Every bike enthusiast who desires to ride their choice of a two-wheeler can rent a bike to explore unexplored destinations. You can rent them as long as you want without worrying about maintenance or other concerning factors.

Additionally, travelling on a two-wheeler is best to explore a new city or destination. It’s fascinating to see new sights and meet locals to spend quality time. This blog has highlighted some of the most practical tips to ensure a safe and memorable riding experience when you rent a bike. So, let’s dive into the details!

1. Take your time and inspect your vehicle:
Don’t get carried away and end up choosing a bike based on its appearance rather than its performance. Ensure that the brakes, engine, lights, side mirrors, and other essential features are working properly. Take a test ride of the bike you’ve chosen so that you can identify the minor to major problems. If you happen to find any damage or visible dents, take a picture of them so that you’re not accused of harming the bike.

2. Choose a bike based on your ability:
Do not go for a bike that is not suited for you. It will help if you do not opt for expensive bikes unless you have the money to pay (in case of damages) or put a dent in them. Similarly, stay away from bikes providing you with cheap rental rates. There are chances that the “cheap” rented bikes are either damaged or have issues that may land you in a problematic situation. Instead, choose according to the vehicle’s weight, acceleration, and the purpose of your renting. Ensure that the selected vehicle is well suited for the roads you intend to ride, providing you with a safe, less risky, and smoother experience.

3. Go through the reviews of the rental company:
Most bike rental companies tend to attract customers with low rental rates. Do not fall for the trap and choose bikes that have travelled many kilometers. Always check that the bike rental service has a good reputation and customer reviews.

4. Keep your license and bike papers handy:
Always check the validity of your licence before renting a vehicle. Carry your licence and the bike papers wherever you go. Ensure that your bike rental service company provides you with insurance, bike registration number, and pollution under control certificate.

5. Carry essentials:
Keep essential spares like a spare tube, spark plugs, brake, and accelerator cables. Prioritise your safety by always wearing protective gear while riding. Ensure the safety gears and helmet are in good condition and of the best quality. There’s a brilliant range of motorcycle luggage saddlebags available in the market. You can keep the saddlebags on the back or side of your bike or tanks that can carry light stuff. Furthermore, put your health and safety first and carry first aid kits with all the needed tools and medicines.

Two-wheeler renting can be made hassle-free by following these handy tips. Self-riding bike rentals offer you the freedom to choose and travel at your convenience and pace at reasonable rates. Make your daily commute comfortable by using a rented bike. But, you shouldn't neglect safety at any point. Ride with proper safety gear and ensure that you collect all the required documents like the PUC and even the insurance papers to verify that the vehicle is insured by the best two wheeler insurance in India. Thoroughly conduct these practices before renting the two-wheeler to have a flawless experience.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.