Five reasons every salesperson needs a personal accident insurance

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Five reasons every salesperson needs a personal accident insurance  15th February 2021


A salesperson is always on the go, meeting new people and constantly travelling from place to place. They are an integral part of any company. The company's reach to the broader masses depends on a salesperson's ability to promote the products and services of the company and make people aware of all the benefits of indulging in it.

But having said that, a salesperson is susceptible to situations during work that an otherwise office employee wouldn't face. Therefore, this article will shed light on why salespersons need personal accident insurance in India and how it will safeguard the company and the individual from any expenses that might occur in the future.

1. Claiming any disability:
A salesperson's job translates to tight deadlines and busy schedules, and sometimes to meet the deadlines, they need to rush, which can lead to dangerous accidents during work or otherwise. Hence having personal accident insurance in India can assure the safety of a salesperson in many ways. Any disability caused during the accident can be claimed, and the person will be compensated appropriately.
Sometimes an accident might lead to a permanent loss of income. Under such situations, the insurance provider mitigates the financial losses caused.

2. Hospital expenses:
With medical bills skyrocketing, not having insurance is not an option. Starting from ambulance charges to the medical expenses, including but not limited to medicines, tests and scans are covered under this policy. The insurance provider compensates for all the policyholder's medications during and after the treatment. This takes the pressure off the shoulders of the insured.

3. Environment modification:
In case of an accident, certain changes will need to be made at home and work. People who use wheelchairs or other kinds of support will need to make modifications to their house and vehicle. Setting up a ramp, modifying the bathroom, making the car wheelchair friendly are just a few modifications that one will need. Insurance providers will be able to provide compensation for these modifications as well.

4. Transportation cost:
Finding the best treatment in the closest hospital is not always possible. In such a case, the insurance provider will reimburse all expenses incurred by a family member for the commute between the hospital and home. The transportation cost for the ambulance is also covered under this policy.

5. Accidental death:
Upon the death of the policy bearer, the insurance provider pays the entire sum of insurance to the nominee. Additionally, an educational grant is provided for the education of two dependent kids up to the age of 23. The insurance provider also covers the funeral cost and the transport of the mortal remains.

These are a few reasons why salespeople should invest in personal accident insurance in India. Many people believe that health insurance and accident insurance are the same. However, accident insurance solely caters to losses or expenses due to an accident. Therefore, one must get accident insurance to safeguard their future.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.