Five reasons why you should have a family doctor

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Five reasons why you should have a family doctor  11th February 2022


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have realised the potential risk that infections and diseases pose to our lives. As a population, we have become more aware of the importance of strong immunity, a cautious lifestyle, and preventive medicine.

Even as we try to be vigilant, we are bound to fall sick from time to time. A doctor should be the first contact when unwell, either from a viral infection or other ailments. They can offer a diagnosis based on the symptoms and provide us with a list of medications. Having an assigned and dependable family doctor in such times goes a long way.

While many may choose not to have a definite family doctor, here are a few reasons why having one is highly recommended.

1. Know your family history:
Family doctors tend to treat you and your immediate family for years. As a result, they have knowledge of all the health complications, tendencies, allergies that you are prone to. They are also aware of your family’s health history, which allows them to keep this information in mind while diagnosing you with specific ailments.
For example, certain diseases, like diabetes and hypertension, are genetically inherited. Having a family doctor helps diagnose and treat you correctly while keeping your family and personal health history in mind.

2. Stay updated on your case throughout your life:
When you have a family doctor, they become your go-to person for seeking help. As this continues through the years, they become your primary physicians. While you grow up, the family doctor can consistently treat you and even the new generations to come.
They can help you diagnose and treat illnesses, suggest ways to build and maintain your immunity, and perform routine health check-ups.

3. They can help you find a specialist:
When dealing with heart or respiratory ailments, cancer, or any major illness, reaching out to a family doctor can be very helpful. Doctors have a vast network of connections in the medical world and can help connect you to a reputed specialist who can fulfill all your expectations, correctly diagnose, and provide an effective treatment plan for you.

4. More economical than visiting the hospital:
If you have been insightful enough to invest in a good health insurance policy for family, hospital bills may not be at the top of your worries. However, if you or your family members fall sick, visiting the hospital for a check-up may still be costly.
Having a family doctor can be a cost-efficient way for getting a diagnosis and treatment than consulting a doctor at the hospital.

5. Establish trust and comfort:
Many people avoid physicians as they feel uncomfortable or terrified of them. Having a family doctor who consistently treats you and your family over the years builds a sense of trust in their diagnosis, methods, and treatment. You will feel more comfortable discussing health issues with them than consulting a new doctor every time.

Having a family doctor to depend on is essential. Our health affects our lives significantly, and it is important to take the best steps to keep it sound. While there is always a comprehensive health insurance policy for family, having a primary doctor who knows your health history can go a long way. The need for dedicated family doctors and physicians will grow in the coming years and make our lives convenient.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.