Five ways to make your workplace a more positive and secure place for women

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Five ways to make your workplace a more positive and secure place for women  10th January 2022


The safety of women has always been paramount in every sector. Every year on March 8th, for International Women's Day, many committees are formed regularly to safeguard the security of women. However, the number of cases of women harassment at the workplace is on the rise at an alarming rate. Incorporating the PoSH Act with the company standards and compliance is the first step in making a safer workplace for women. There are numerous right and practical solutions to adopt and safeguard women's safety in the workplace. The goal, though, is to change people's minds.

The following are some concrete methods to create a safer and positive work environment for women.

1. Create awareness:
Employees, both male and female, should be educated about ethical conduct and how to foster a secure workplace for women. Office management should routinely raise awareness about the PoSH Act, women rights and authorities. It will enable them to recognize when subjected to inappropriate behaviour and report their concerns to the relevant authority. In addition, the employer should regularly poll female employees to take input on the working environment for a safer and positive atmosphere.

2. Make way for a robust complaints panel:
Create a reliable and inclusive Internal Complaints Committee that rigorously investigates and takes measures in any situation involving the safety of women employees in the workplace. Employees of all genders and grades should be treated similarly by such a panel. The judicial procedure may seem to be a startling set-up for some victims. As a result, some companies may consider ICC alternatives for smooth execution.

3. Stringent zero-tolerance policy:
A company's global reputation improves when it establishes and enforces high standards for its workforce. The business should establish a policy with harsh disciplinary implications for anyone who infringes it, as the action speaks a lot about its ethics. Any misconduct or harassment of female employees should fall under the zero-tolerance policy, and the concerned authorities must act upon strict actions against the people violating this policy.

4. Encourage women to collaborate and communicate:
In general, women subjected to sexual harassment do not speak up. The employer must encourage female employees to express their dissatisfaction. To boost employee morale, establish equal opportunities for male and female employees. This will help women fight societal stigma because of the spirit of solidarity at work.

5. Precautions for a safer work environment:
Access to all workplace safety precautions should be available to female employees. In addition, concerned authorities should consider all the dangers that may exist on the property. Women may encounter dangers even when working in the field. Many companies do not provide the same level of physical protection to women as they do to men. It might dissuade female workers and lower productivity.

Even if you take all necessary procedures to safeguard your women employees' safety, financial liability in the event of an accident or illness will remain a burden and may even obstruct business operations. Get the group general insurance online quote for a cost-effective and progressive approach to mitigate these risks to observe growth and development.

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