Flyboarding is an unmissable experience for adventure junkies!

Flyboarding is an unmissable experience for adventure junkies!  29th March 2023

Flyboarding is an enthralling water sport that uses a flyboard and a hydro-flighting device that allows you fly over the water. A personal watercraft is connected to the flyboard, which generates force through a connecting pipe to lift a person in the air on top of the water. The sport came into existence in 2012, to be precise. It is becoming popular in holiday destinations comprising sea beaches and water parks worldwide. We can also enjoy this sport in India at a few locations, such as Goa.

Flyboarding is an unmissable experience for adventure junkies. Let us know more about it.

How does it work?
The rider's feet are strapped to a flyboard, which is connected to a personal watercraft, providing the required force. You can ride the flyboard, similar to skating on the ground. It is simply a board you can tie to your feet and fly.

The operator may sit on the watercraft and control the throttle, while the rider can control their direction through the flyboard. Also, the rider may have the option to control both the throttle and the direction.

An impeller sucks in water from the source in large quantities where the watercraft is present and throws it out from other outlets. This generates tremendous force and mobilises the flyboard, with the rider on top.

Why is it becoming popular?
Flying on top of the water, with the ability to move up and down at a tremendous pace, can be a dream come true moment for any adventure junkie. This thrilling sport gives an adrenaline rush while providing an aerial view of the sea or water park.

There is no need for extensive professional training to perform this sport. Any person can do it after getting instructions from the trainer or operator. One must learn to maintain proper balance on and control the flyboard, which comes with practice. However, mastering the sport is tough and requires several hours of rigorous training and practice.

Flyboards are also safer and easy to use than a jet pack. All this makes flyboarding extremely popular and an unmissable experience for adventure lovers.

Points to take care of
Since it is a water sport, it can be dangerous for new learners and people with little or no swimming experience. Children below the age of twelve years should avoid doing it or only engage in it under strict parental supervision.

Riders should not look down below them once they are airborne. It can make them nervous, and they can lose their balance. They need to ensure that their feet point away from the personal watercraft, so they do not collide with it while plunging back toward the water. A collision can be fatal and cause serious injuries.

You should wear all the safety gear required for flyboarding before trying it. It will be suitable for your own safety.

Flyboarding can undoubtedly be a thrilling experience for any adventurer. Following a few safety precautions, understanding the sport well, and practicing a bit, you can experience it in water.

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