Follow these effective tips to keep your asthma under control

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Follow these effective tips to keep your asthma under control  23rd February 2021


Asthma is a health ailment that can take a severe toll on your health. In this condition, the air passage observes inflammation, and the bronchioles of the lungs swell, making it difficult to breathe. Asthma affects the functioning of your lungs and can lead to various long-term diseases as well.

While you can control asthma most of the time, it can affect your daily activities and may even be fatal. If not addressed correctly, the symptoms can worsen over time and lead to severe asthma attacks.

Today we will look at a few ways you can control your asthma.

1. Identifying triggers:
Almost all cases of asthmatic attacks arise due to a triggering agent or underlying factors. It could be pollution, smoke, allergies, exercise etc. Identifying what triggers your asthma is essential to prevent attacks as much as possible. One handy way of doing this is by keeping notes for a few weeks. Take into account all environmental and emotional things that affect you.

2. Avoid allergens:
Once diagnosed with asthma, you can do allergy tests to learn what you are allergic to. A comprehensive understanding of what causes allergies can help you prevent them in the future. Contact with allergens can cause inflammation which may block your airway and worsen your condition due to poor respiration.

3. Immunotherapy:
Immunotherapy or Allergy shots are injected to help mitigate allergic symptoms. Over a period of time, these small doses of specific substances allow the body to adjust to them and become less reactive in the future.

4. Avoid smoke:
If you are asthmatic, you should avoid smoke from vehicles, incense sticks, and cigarettes. Even passive smoking can be a deadly trigger for your asthma. Always carry masks, inhalers, and your asthma medication wherever you go. When stuck in situations where you're unable to avoid the smoke, use masks to cover your face thoroughly. Protecting your air passage should be a priority when you're in crowded places.

5. Take medications:
Even if your asthma has been under control for a while, never skip your medications. Asthma medications are designed to help to prevent symptoms and attacks over time. Skipping on your medications can be dangerous.

6. Keep your environment clean:
Sometimes the bare minimum can go a long way. Regularly vacuuming your couches and floor can help keep dust at bay. Use a dehumidifier to reduce the air's moisture and prevent mold growth. Install air purifiers to get rid of dust mites. Lastly, don't forget to change your bedsheets and liner every week to ensure maximum protection from dust and allergies.

These are a few ways in which you can prevent an asthmatic attack. However, in case of a severe asthma condition, it is advisable to visit a doctor. Having medical reports handy at all times is a good idea to give the doctors a better understanding of your medical history.

We are often not prepared for the expenses we might incur during visits to doctors. Costly medical bills should be the least of your worries in such times. Having the backing of an insurance provider is especially helpful. Consider this a reminder of your health insurance policy renewal and prevent it from lapsing.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.