Follow these steps to protect your two-wheeler from rusting

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Follow these steps to protect your two-wheeler from rusting  28th March 2022


Maintaining your two-wheeler can sometimes be challenging. Most of us surf the internet for hours, looking for the best service center or 2 wheeler insurance online for best results and bike protection. However, even the best servicing will be wasteful if you are not giving your bike the proper care it deserves.

Today we will talk about rust, which is responsible for eating up the metal, leading to the hollowing of your vehicle's body in no time. As the chassis is affected by the hollowing of the metal, your bike can become unfit for travel and be a danger to you and others.

Let's discuss a few ways in which you can protect your bikes from premature rusting and discolouration.

1. Preventing moisture:
Moisture is metal's enemy. Moisture on the surface or in the atmosphere can lead to rusting. It is essential to keep your bike as dry as possible. In case of rain, keep the vehicle in a cool and dark place and dry out any moisture on the bike's body. You can either blow-dry or use a clean cloth to wipe away water droplets. Focus on areas that are hard to reach, especially along with the bolting points, as they are most susceptible to water locking and rusting.

2. Cover your bike:
Park your bike in a garage or sheltered area. If you can't find such a spot, invest in a good-quality motorcycle cover. Motorcycle covers can protect the vehicle from rain, frost, dew, extreme sunlight, and other harmful climatic conditions.

3. Wash and Wax:
Washing your bike ensures that you are getting rid of any chemicals or corrosive materials that might have accumulated on the surface. Use soaps specifically meant for your motorcycle to ensure that the paint is not affected.
Apply a coat of wax to the fuel tanks, fenders, and side covers. Moisture is capable of travelling down to the tiniest scratch or pore. Wax will act as a moisture repellant and prevent water from sticking to your vehicle's body.

4. Use anti-corrosion products:
Coating metal parts and other surfaces with anti-corrosion products is essential if your bike gets wet every now and then. These products can help remove rust and prevent the development of rust particles, thus saving your bike from severe corrosion.

5. Fill up the fuel tank:
Metal tanks tend to develop rust on the inside. If you don't plan on riding your motorcycle for an extended period of time, then filling the fuel tank to the maximum capacity is an excellent way to avoid rust. This acts as a barrier for the air to get into the tank and develop rust.

These are the few ways to avoid rusting of your bike. Taking proper care of your motorcycle ensures that it lasts longer and performs its best. Sometimes focusing on removing the rust from an already corroded body can lead to further deterioration.

Take your vehicle to a mechanic who can make specific changes and bring it back to its best condition. Look for 2 wheeler insurance online to financially protect your bike against these expenses. Do your research and select the policy with the best premium and maximum benefits to satisfy your requirements.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.