Following are the annoying habits of drivers that you must know

Following are the annoying habits of drivers that you must know  31st October 2022

Indian roads witness several incidents of massive accidents and crashes of vehicles every year. According to a report, the number of deaths per thousand vehicles in 2021 has risen from 0.45 to 0.53, meaning around 426 people die each day in road accidents. The main reason for road accidents is bad driving habits and negligence in following the traffic rules.

Bad driving habits also have an impact on your driving record, which can have a significant effect on your car insurance claim. Having a clean driving record is beneficial when making claims or buying insurance for your car. You should learn about all the lousy car driving habits and eliminate them to protect yourself and other drivers on the road.

Here are the most annoying driving habits that many drivers have.

1. Not driving in lanes:
It is a common car-driving habit seen in Indian drivers. Drivers lack lane discipline because they get improper training at car driving schools about the leftmost and rightmost lanes.

2. Tailgating:
Most drivers habitually fill the gap between their car and the car in front of them. Driving closely to another car is the most annoying as your car may hit other vehicles and cause traffic jams.

3. Wrong side driving:
Drivers often drive on the opposite side of the road when they find crowds or traffic on their side of the road. Driving on the wrong side of the road is a risky move to practice as it involves heavy chances of collisions.

4. Riding the clutch:
Feathering the accelerator while keeping the clutch pressed will damage the car's clutch cables, clutch plate, and pressure plates. You should avoid riding a clutch when you are on a busy road.

5. Not following traffic signals:
Most people skip the red light to reach their destination a minute earlier. However, hurrying for a minute can cost you a lifetime. Violating a traffic rule can get you into trouble, like getting a fine or challan and, worst case, your licence being suspended.

6. Not giving proper signals:
Some drivers need to consider giving indicators or hand signals more importance while making a turn or a forced stop. They suddenly take turns and put the vehicles from behind in extreme danger.

7. Using a phone while driving:
Texting or talking on mobile phones distracts drivers from the road, which causes them to meet catastrophic consequences. If you urgently want to talk to someone, then use the speaker and AUX facility of the car's music system.

8. Not wearing seatbelts:
Most people understand the importance of seatbelts, but some drivers don't wear seatbelts while driving on the road.

9. Driving under influence:
Alcohol and other toxic substances impair the driver's judgement and slow down the necessary responses for safe driving. Many drivers create a nuisance and chaos on the road due to intoxication and are the reason for choking the traffic.

10. Losing your composure:
Most road accidents happen because drivers lose their calm when they get stuck in traffic or encounter harsh driving by other drivers. Getting frustrated while driving can weaken your judgement, and you'll make wrong choices that might elevate your problems.

It is necessary to become responsible on the road and spread awareness about the annoying habits of drivers that may turn into fatal accidents on the road. You should also maintain a proper driving style to avoid paying higher premiums for car insurance. Follow the traffic rules and regulations to avoid putting your life and others in danger. It also helps you keep your driving record clean.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.