Following are the ways to avoid the breakdown of trucks

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Following are the ways to avoid the breakdown of trucks  28th March 2022


Vehicles breaking down during a journey can be highly frustrating for any driver. It can be even more stressful when you're driving a heavy-duty truck loaded with precious cargo and having a deadline to meet. The vehicle breaking down midway is the worst nightmare for any truck driver. Repairing the truck and replacing damaged parts can also be a huge stress. And additional costs like towing and customer service can send you over the edge.

The truck's maintenance and expenses towards the breakdown and accidents can be hectic unless you have reliable online motor insurance that secures your vehicle's engine and overall functioning.

Following are the preventative measures that will take your maintenance game to the next level and help reduce or avoid the chances of a breakdown.

1. Check the tyres:
Tyre problems account for a large number of truck breakdowns. You must inspect the air pressure of your tyres regularly. Underinflated tyres are more susceptible to blowouts which can be tremendously risky. Inappropriate tyre pressure can wear away fuel economy and the tyre's longevity. The tyre pressure must also be regulated as per seasonal changes and the terrain the truck is going to drive on.

2. Check your brakes:
The daily heat, pressure, and friction that the truck undergoes can cause several parts to wear down. Brake failure is one of the prime reasons for road accidents. Before and after every assignment, the truck must be inspected for any damage caused to the brakes.
Moisture and contamination in the air supply and control system, leakage of air pressure, imbalance in the pressure and timing of the brake system, and external corrosion are some of the primary causes of brake failure.

3. Maintain the engine oil and coolant levels:
While it is best to stick to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, the driver must check if the engine requires it from time to time. The oil and coolant are integral in the smooth functioning of the truck's motor. While you can secure your vehicle by purchasing online motor insurance, getting these fluids serviced regularly is imperative.

4. Inspect the electrical system:
A failing electrical system can easily backfire and result in several costly repairs. You must regularly check the truck's battery, wires, and cables. Ensure that the battery is charged and is in good condition, as a malfunctioning battery can harm other vital parts of the vehicle. Get the wires and cables reviewed by a mechanic as the everyday heat and friction can wear them out.

5. Keep your truck up-to-date:
Over time, even a maintained truck becomes unreliable due to intensive wear and tear to its mechanism, parts, and engine. It is vital to replace your vehicles and upgrade to substantial models to avoid future breakdown expenses.

These are the few key things to keep in mind when inspecting your truck. Ensure you examine all these points before taking your truck on the road. While it is impossible to completely evade your truck from breakdowns every once in a while, following the above steps can go a long way as a preventive measure.

Lastly, invest in reliable online motor insurance to provide an additional layer of safety to your truck and efficiently manage the expenses required in its repair and maintenance.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.