Get the peace of mind you deserve with one step

Get the peace of mind you deserve with one step    28th August 2019

We all know that setting up a business and buying an asset takes a lot of time and toiling, it may be a car, your dream house or simply a household item.

For many, work and business is a doppelganger of their personal identity. Your office could have cash, valuables, goods and raw material, critical documents or intellectual property that in an event of a theft or burglary can leave you financially crippled. 

Here’s what we have figured out through our truth lens!

Even though the crime rate in India is on the decline, it is still quite high at 379 crimes per lakh of the population as per data from NCRB (2016). Most urban business complexes now have better security systems and more personnel on board; however, most perpetrators in cases of thefts are known to be familiar faces. This makes it imperative for businesses to add a layer of security with a comprehensive burglary and theft insurance plan.

For the sake of insurance, theft and burglary are two separate categories, where burglary, unlike a theft, also accounts for forcible/ violent entry and/or armed robbery that puts the people, place and other valuables at risk. 

Why is securing yourself against theft and burglary important?

A comprehensive protection plan can be purchased for your home, office, factory, warehouse, etc. The compensation from the insurer covers for any item that is stolen from the insured premises and also makes good any loss or damage caused to the premises on account of the said theft or burglary.

Any stock of goods, furniture, computers and electronics and other assets within the business premises are covered too. In fact Magma HDI’s Burglary Insurance Policy goes a step further and provides for reasonable coverage to clean up the premises and move any debris from the premises to the closest disposal site. It also reimburses for making good critical documents such as agreements and confidential business documents, on which sometimes the registration and stamp duty itself can run in to lakhs of rupees.

If you fear a repeated attempt at the theft or burglary, Magma HDI burglary policy also covers for the cost of temporary protection incurred for the safety of your employees and assets.

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that there are reasonable safety and security systems in place so as to minimize the risk. This will also have a direct impact on the insurance premium you will incur. The better your preparation, the lower the premium. The insurance will not cover for any loss arising out of an ‘inside job’ unless through forceful means.

Review your insurance requirements periodically, especially if you have different value of cash, goods/ raw material moving in and out of your office, new equipment/ machinery, critical R&D technology, etc. The value of your stocks and assets have a direct correlation to your premium.

The cost of insurance is a small price to pay for ensured business continuity, protecting your family and employees and securing your peace of mind.