Have you ever wondered why travelling by road is the best way to explore places

Have you ever wondered why travelling by road is the best way to explore places  31st October 2022

Everyone from all ages and walks of life enjoys exploring new places, and there can be no better way to discover the best of India's exciting destinations than a road trip. Have you ever wondered why?

From city commutes to long-distance planning vacations, travelling by road has a special sentiment that binds travellers to its charm. After the restrictions for the pandemic have been lifted, travel by road has become all the more prevalent.

There are many reasons why road trips are considered the best way to travel. However, it is also important to prioritise your safety when taking up a road journey. Investing in personal accident insurance plans is the best way to do this. Go through the terms and conditions and understand the benefits offered if you ever find yourself in a problem and decide to claim your insurance.

Let's look at some of the perks of travelling by road to explore places.

1. It is more convenient and less stressful:
When you travel by road, you can connect with the quaint interiors of the country and visit offbeat places that can only be seen by road. Road journeys are convenient and hassle-free as you get the luxury to take as many pit stops as you want and enjoy your trip.

2. There will be no baggage issues:
When you're on a road trip, you will have the complete freedom to choose the luggage you carry with you. You will not be restricted to any limited baggage size or weight and can pack a significant amount of your wardrobe in your car.
This way, you do not have to repeat the same shirts on vacation. You can also carry things like a mini fridge or a large bag full of snacks and make your vehicle appear as a cool campervan.

3. It provides flexibility:
With road travelling, there is a lot of room for flexibility. You will not be restricted to any timings or protocols you must follow. The restrictions can take the fun out of travelling. But, when you have a personal vehicle at your service, you do not have to wait for public transport to take you to places. You can venture into the unknown without any questions asked.

4. They are easy on the pocket:
Road trips are easy on your pocket, especially when travelling with a group. As the pandemic restrictions are lifted, the cost of travelling by air or train has increased significantly. Although the fuel prices are high, they can still be lower than the cost of travelling by other means. Apart from that, the fuel cost will be equally divided when travelling with friends.

5. An immersive experience:
Travelling by road offers a myriad of experiences that are second to none. The long stretch of national highways, good inter and intra-state connectivity, plush food and shopping options, thrilling countryside roads, mountains, etc., make road trips exciting. Watching the sunrise next to the highway and sipping tea as you move towards your destination is a fantastic feeling that only road journeys can offer.

You should plan at least one road trip a year to better understand what makes exploration by road unique. Road journeys, rather spontaneous than planned, are one of the most memorable experiences. Take your friends or family along or plan it solo, just pick a destination and set off to discover places where roads lead to perfect moments.

No matter where you travel, you should always abide by the traffic rules, wear seatbelts, and carry all the essential documents. It is advisable to ensure your safety on roads and invest in personal accident insurance plans that can cover your medical expenses if ever you meet with an accident. With all this said, get ready to conquer the roads and absorb the vibrancy of places to make unforgettable memories.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.