Here are a few best places to visit if you are a woman traveller

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Here are a few best places to visit if you are a woman traveller  21st March 2022


Travelling is the best way to explore new places and experience things you've never tried before. But often, when it comes to female travellers, it is restricted due to safety reasons. It is understandable how security is a concern for women but don't let it get in the way of your explorations.

The finest places to visit aren't always the most travelled or popular ones. Hence, we have listed some of the loveliest destinations to visit alone or with your girl gang!

1. Bali:
Bali is one of the most amazing locations for female travellers. Besides cultural tours, it is also a great destination to enjoy a beach vacation. The town's laid-back and tranquil ambience makes it safe for single female travellers. The region has a terrific atmosphere that allows you to reconnect with your inner self.

2. Hong Kong:
Regarded as one of the cities with the least crime rates globally, Hong Kong is a must-see destination for all tourists. It has reasonably priced lodging, which is a perk. The city also has one of the quickest modes of transportation, making it a travel-friendly location for solo female travellers in every manner.

3. Meghalaya:
Meghalaya gains fame from its natural splendour, but what distinguishes this state is how smoothly the matrilineal system runs here. Meghalaya treats its ladies with great respect. Not only do you feel protected in this Northeastern state, but you also get to view society from a new perspective.

4. Melbourne:
Melbourne is a secure city for women and one of the trendiest destinations to visit globally. The great cafe culture of the city makes it an attractive choice for cheerful summer holidays. This could be a perfect place for your all-girls vacation since it gives you access to luxury, peace and fun altogether.

5. Switzerland:
It's safe, gorgeous, and full of options for female travellers. Switzerland's attractions include its beautiful mountains and picturesque magnificence. The core of Switzerland is seeing the big cities and observing the cultural fusion.

6. New Zealand:
New Zealand is a beautiful island country scattered in the Pacific Ocean and one of the most fabulous destinations for women to visit alone. Its pride and glory is its stunning terrain, adorned with spectacular beaches and volcanic gems. New Zealand is a piece of heaven on Earth and one of the most fantastic places for single female vacations.

One should never face curtailment in experiencing the different cultures and people worldwide. We hope this article helps you choose the destination for your next trip with your girl gang.

But remember, wherever you travel in the world, your safety and security are in your hands. Always take the necessary precautions and carry travel insurance to cover damages to luggage, theft and other concerns that you might face while travelling. You can check the general insurance online quote from different insurance companies for competitive premiums and additional features. It is crucial for women travelling solo to protect their trip with full travel insurance to stay safe.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.