Here are a few best tips for ladies to drive a car during pregnancy

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Here are a few best tips for ladies to drive a car during pregnancy  28th March 2022


Pregnancy is a challenging time. Many nurturing, care and precautions ensure that the baby and the mother stay healthy. A lot of support is required from the family during the pregnancy. And it is essential to keep the mother happy as these things can eventually affect her mood, hormones and safeguards the baby’s health and wellbeing.

You cannot risk the slightest ounce of things. Women take care of many things and go through multiple challenges while carrying the baby. They have to curb many activities, food, drinks, etc., to ensure that the baby’s health doesn’t get affected. A lot of sacrifices come across on the journey of a to-be-mother.

But, you also need to bust the stereotypes and myths that pregnant women cannot drive. They just need to be extra careful to ensure they don’t cause any harm to themselves and the baby or end up over-exerting themselves by driving around for the chores.

Are you looking for some pointers on how you need to be careful about driving a car during pregnancy? Here are a few best tips for ladies to get started.

1. Avoid jerks:
You might be driving through a road that is in poor condition or under construction, and there is a lot of debris lying around. Make sure not to panic or speed up. You need to minimise the risk of jerks and bumps. Be calm and steady. Jerks and high speeds can trigger nausea in pregnant women since they are highly prone to motion sickness.

2. Comfortable position:
Your back needs to be well-rested. Do not force yourself to sit upright as it might put a physical load on your belly, affecting the baby and posture. Lean back your seat to a convenient position that makes it easy to drive and causes no stress on your back, belly, or chest.

3. Breaks are important:
You cannot run the risk of clots or swelling in your feet and palms. You can get out of the car, stand, and stretch as much as possible. Consult with a doctor about postures. Avoid experimentation during this crucial time.

4. Comfort essentials:
You can use a seat pillow, back support, or a neck pillow according to your choice and convenience to support your body and stay comfortable during driving. These handy and supportive equipment help your body retain the posture without putting too much stress on your body. This would eliminate the chances of discomfort or putting any physical pressure on the baby.

5. Artificial fragrances are a no go:
You should eliminate any weird and stale-smelling gases before you start driving the car. Roll down the windows or blast the a/c to ensure there is no hint of stale smells. Staying in the presence of such gases can cause detrimental effects on the baby. Avoid using artificial car fragrances too. They contain toxins and chemicals which can have adverse effects on the health of the pregnant lady and the unborn child.

That’s a wrap on a few best tips for ladies to drive a car during pregnancy. Also, make sure that you carry a complete kit with pregnancy and delivery essentials for an emergency. You also need to ensure that your car is well maintained to avoid any troubles while the ladies drive the vehicle during pregnancy.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.