Here are a few car gearbox problems and the ways to resolve them

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Here are a few car gearbox problems and the ways to resolve them  28th February 2021


Having a car helps you manage your personal and professional lives with convenience and independence. While the whole process of purchasing a vehicle can be pretty extensive, it is equally important to take care of your vehicle to maintain its efficiency. Hence, it would be best to get it serviced regularly. Ensure that all the damages are repaired and replaced according to need.

But how do you ensure that your car stays up and running? There are several parts that require regular inspection. One of them is the gearbox. How can you detect and rectify problems with your gearbox? What happens if you don't get them checked by an expert?

This blog will discuss significant pointers about problems and the ways to resolve them.

1. Unexpected noise:
If you feel that your car is shaking, moving roughly, jerking or making grinding noises while operating, this indicates some underlying problem. And if you notice these noises when you shift the gear, it is an issue with the gearbox.

2. Laggy acceleration:
If you notice a slight delay (more than a second) in your vehicle's acceleration while you shift gears, this could suggest a problem with the gearbox. It could also be due to a faulty clutch part that finds it challenging to engage and disengage completely. Get this issue examined by an expert car mechanic to ensure proper repair and maintenance of the gearbox before the situation worsens.

3. Gear slipping:
The gearbox heavily depends on your actions and how you operate it unless it is automatic. Gear slipping is a phenomenon in which the car jerks and the gear shifts back when you accelerate. There are possibilities that it might change into neutral at times. And jumping to neutral gear while in motion can be risky and invite accidents as your car will halt suddenly.

4. Spilling of fuel:
The gearbox of your car is a crucial mechanical component. Since it moves in a rotational pattern, it needs fuel for lubrication. It is likely a transmission fluid leak if you detect bright orange-coloured liquid drops under your car. Get it fixed to avoid the gear from drying out.

5. Smell:
Overheating of the transmission fluid can cause improper gear shifts and a burning smell. Transmission fluid is essential in reducing the heat and cooling down the gearbox components.

Now that we have listed specific gearbox problems to look out for, the next question is how to resolve them. You can monitor the transmission fluid periodically, keep a check on the gears, make sure that the cooling system works efficiently, get your car serviced at regular intervals, drive with care and watch out for the signs we discussed above.

Another way to ensure that your car stays in good shape is to get it insured against unprecedented damages. You can safeguard your vehicle by purchasing the best car insurance in India and be relieved from the monetary stress involved in car maintenance and repair.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.