Here are a few effective ways to heal injuries faster

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Here are a few effective ways to heal injuries faster  10th January 2022


In traversing through a fast-paced life, accidents are bound to occur. You might skip a step while rushing down to get your cab or cut your finger while chopping up vegetables, or simply fall and injure yourself while playing your favourite sport. Ideally, we would all want to lead a life without injuries and worry about medicines and post-care. But as someone has rightly said, "Falling is part of life, getting up is living." So, we're here to help you heal your injuries without burning a hole in your pocket.

Medical care costs are skyrocketing, and it is always the best option to get individual personal accident insurance to ensure the best coverage for severe injuries. But, for instant relief from minor injuries, you may focus on aiding the process of recovery and healing yourself faster. So, let's look into it to make our healing process quicker.

1. RICE:
RICE is an acronym for REST, ICE, COMPRESSION, ELEVATION. It is used for mild sports injuries. As the names suggest, one should give ample rest to the affected area, keep applying ice packs, and use a medical bandage for compression. Keeping the affected area elevated above the heart's level is suggested to reduce pain and swelling.

2. Eat the right food:
Certain food items possess the ability to catalyze the healing process. For example, protein-rich food like eggs, meat, cottage cheese, and citrus fruits like oranges have anti-inflammatory properties and help build ruptured tissues.

3. Wash the affected area:
In case of open injuries, washing the wound with clean water and cleaning the area with saline solutions is suggested to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

4. Anti-bacterial ointment can do wonders:
Getting the wound examined by the doctor and applying a prescribed ointment to open wounds is highly suggested as it prevents infections and helps in faster healing.

5. Turmeric paste:
This golden formula from grandma's corner is a no-fail solution to any wound. Turmeric has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the curcumin present stimulates growth and helps faster restoration of the wounded area.

6. Apply pressure in case of blood loss:
It is suggested that in case of blood loss, one should maintain pressure in the affected area to avoid anaemia and ensure a faster recovery. Excessive blood loss can be a life-threatening condition. If the bleeding persists, one should see a doctor at the earliest.

7. Stitches or staples:
If the wounds are deep, it is essential to go to the doctor and get stitches or staples. Leaving them open for a prolonged time may hinder the growth of new blood vessels and prevent the wound from closing. While these procedures can be expensive, you can rest easy if covered by individual personal accident insurance.

So these are a few ways that can help you in your journey to healing yourself faster and getting back in the game. Your body is a temple, and giving it proper rest and care after injuries will help you regain your former strength sooner than you think. It is always suggested that you go to a doctor and get your injuries examined, but these remedies can help if they aren't significant.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.