Here are a few effective winter travel tips for enjoying a memorable trip

Here are a few effective winter travel tips for enjoying a memorable trip  22nd November 2022

Who does not love to travel in the winter season? The chilly weather with snow-clad mountains or the cool climate on the beaches and plains can be delightful and welcoming. Taking advantage of the pleasant climate and an ideal season to travel, numerous tourists plan family holidays and group tours to explore the best winter destinations in India. But the idea of winter travel reminds us of the arduous task of carrying thick, heavy, woollen clothing.

Are you planning a family trip or a solo adventure this winter? Here are a few effective winter travel tips for enjoying a memorable trip.

1. Plan in advance:
Winter travel in December and January coincides with Christmas and New Year vacations in schools and holidays in offices. Hence, there is usually a lot of crowd at popular vacation spots and heavy bookings on flights, trains, and hotels.
Hence, you should always plan your winter trip well in advance. Book your travel tickets and accommodations as early as possible so that you don’t have to cancel your trip at the last moment due to the unavailability of travel tickets or rooms in good hotels.
Even if you can get flight tickets and good accommodation at the last moment, you will have to pay exorbitant rates. So why not plan in advance, save money and make your trip memorable?

2. Check your flight and train departure:
Always check the timings of your flight or train departure in the winter season before leaving home. They are usually delayed and are sometimes even cancelled due to heavy fog and low visibility. Keep an alternate route or service in mind in case of any cancellations. This will ensure that your travel plan gets successful.

3. Travel light:
You will wonder how we can travel light with bulky woollen clothes, especially if we are visiting some cold place or a hill station. It is possible by following some simple tips. Wear your most bulky jacket, sweater, shrug, or scarf on the day you have to travel. This will mean you will not have to pack them inside your bags. Also, wear your heavy boots and pack your lighter shoes or slip-on in your bag.
Do not pack multiple t-shirts, tops, or jeans with you. Repeat them. What you wear on the top is only visible in winter. Keep changing your jacket, shrug, or coat, and no one will know you are repeating your dresses! Also, buy woollen clothes of superior quality so that you don’t need multiple layers of clothing to keep you warm. Carry thermal innerwear of good quality as they are light and warm.

4. Rent travel gear:
You don’t need to carry your travel gear everywhere you travel in winter. For example, if you want to ski in the snow, you can rent all the essential gear, including snow boots and overcoats, from the resort you are staying in.

5. Medication:
The cold season brings many ailments, such as flu or fever, nasal congestion, cough, etc. Always carry appropriate medication, especially when travelling with kids and the elderly. Also, use small cases for carrying your cold cream and moisturiser so they only take up a little space.

Make your winter trip special and memorable by following the above travel ideas. Another important tip is to go for your true companion that will never leave your side, i.e., travel insurance. Travel insurance will protect you against trip cancellations, lost baggage, damage to your luggage, etc. You can take an annual plan to cover all your trips or insure only a particular trip.

Insurance will also offer coverage in case of any medical emergency and assistance arising during your trip. Make your life secure and tension-free by choosing a wide variety of general insurance policies. Moreover, buy online general insurance from the ease of your home with a few clicks, additional benefits, and the best premium rates. We wish you a happy winter!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.