Here are a few exciting ways you can organise your home for this new year

Here are a few exciting ways you can organise your home for this new year  23nd January 2023

It's the new year, and one resolution that we all commonly try to make is to keep our homes organised and well-maintained. A well-organised home is the key to an organised and healthy you. Good home organising ideas with the proper implementation strategy can give you the perfect home without spending a bomb on it.

Do you also have a new year resolution of organising your home well? Here are a few interesting ways you can achieve it this new year.

1. Take one room at a time:
Organising your entire home can be an uphill and time-consuming task. You will get confused about how and where to start and what changes to incorporate. Start with organising your home by taking small steps. Start from one room at a time. You can focus better and devote time to individual rooms separately. This will make the entire home organising task less daunting and easily manageable.

2. Hanging spaces:
Create multiple hanging spaces in all your rooms, galleries, and sitting areas. You should have appropriate space to hang your jackets, blazers and other clothes so that you do not have to put them here and there on the bed, side table or the floor! This will make your rooms clutter-free and look neat and clean. You can put a peg board and hang your hats, caps, shirts, t-shirts, etc., on it. This will look nice and organised, and you will be easily able to locate all your stuff too.
Hanging spaces in the kitchen can be very useful as well. Paste iron hooks behind the main kitchen door and cabinet doors. You can hang the dusting cloth, small pans, spare packets, etc., on them and not store or litter them in the open. They will stay behind the doors and not be visible to all.

3. Learn to donate:
Each of us has the habit of stocking up multiple useless things we don't need and creating clutter in our wardrobes and even out in the open. For example, you might have stacked up dresses from the past that do not fit you anymore. Since you have limited storage space, you keep putting the new clothes you buy on those same shelves. The clothes start tumbling out of your closet every time you open them.
Learn to let go and donate! Your old clothes will not get bigger on their own, nor will they shrink. Donate the extra clothes to the needy in an orphanage or an old-age home. It will feel great to help, and your wardrobe will be lighter and more organised.

4. Go green:
You may buy indoor plants in fancy, beautiful pots and use them as decorative pieces around your house. They will provide fresh air while making your house green and beautiful. You can also hang a few pots in the stairway and outside the main entrance to give a great look.

5. Proper marking:
A key to being organised is keeping everything labelled and properly marked. You can start with the kitchen and put labels on each storage container. This will make it easy to figure out what is inside each container, and the items will not get mixed up.
You can also label items such as photo albums to instantly know when these photographs were taken, even after several years. Use labels for marking important files and documents, first aid kits, etc., so you can easily find them when needed.

Start with one thing at a time, and you will enjoy organising your house this new year. Even if you do little at first, do it with full dedication and focus. This will ensure that your efforts do not go waste and that your home looks the best.

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