Here are a few flammable items in your house that you need to be careful about

Here are a few flammable items in your house that you need to be careful about  22nd November 2022

Fire in a house can be devastating and bring the entire house down to ashes in just a few moments. You need to be very cautious with the flammable items in your home as they can threaten your life, including your family and valuable assets.

A fire outbreak can be due to several reasons, most of which are beyond our control. Still, we can control the spread of fire, douse it with the help of fire safety equipment, and recover the damages with the benefits of buying fire insurance online.

Let’s first go through a few flammable items in our house that we must be careful about.

1. Hand sanitiser:
Hand sanitisers have become very popular in every household after the onset of Covid-19. People have started using it extensively at home and even advise their children to use it frequently.
However, very few people know sanitisers are highly flammable because they contain alcohol. You should never use sanitisers near a gas stove. Also, you should not carry a lighter with a sanitiser bottle in your bag as it can be dangerous and can catch fire.

2. Nail polish and nail polish remover:
We can find nail polish and its remover in almost every household in India. They are easily available in the market, and even children can access them. However, we must know that they consist of acetone, a highly flammable substance.
Even the vapour that they produce is highly flammable. Hence, we should keep both of them away from any source of flames, such as a candle or a matchstick at home.

3. Flour:
Surprised? Yes, the flour we use daily in our kitchen is flammable, especially flour dust in the air. Flour can burn easily from all sides. It allows flames to pass through it quickly because of its large and flat surface area. Hence, we should be careful when we use flour near the gas stove in the kitchen.

4. Grooming products:
Many beauty products we use frequently are flammable and can cause a fire in our house. Products like hair mousse and hair spray can ignite fire very quickly. Moreover, the fancy deodorants and air fresheners we use daily come in aerosol cans. Avoid exposing such cans to a naked flame, as they can quickly catch fire. You should also avoid keeping these cans at high temperatures as they can combust because of temperature and pressure.

5. Ghee and cooking oil:
Cooking oil has a low flash point, making it highly flammable. Similarly, ghee can catch fire easily, too, if overheated. You must be careful while using both in the kitchen.

6. Oranges:
Our favourite fruit, “Orange,” consists of an extremely flammable chemical called limonene. It is used as a fire starter for campfires and fireplaces. Hence, it can cause a big fire if exposed to an open flame.

7. Home mattresses:
We often light a candle on our bedside or even on the mattress. Smoking a cigarette while sitting on our bed is also very common. You should be aware that mattresses are highly flammable. They can result in the fast spreading of fire in a room because of their flat nature and big size.

We have seen that many items of our daily use are flammable and can spread fire in the house if exposed to even a small flame. The loss of property and lives can be irreversible and completely shatter our world. Fire insurance protects us against losses and damages to property caused by a fire at our house.

The cause of the fire can be electrical short circuits, gas leakage, or other reasons such as those mentioned above. Most policies will provide coverage even if the fire originates outside your house. Hence, think no further. Protect your house and property by buying fire insurance online today and enjoy complete peace of mind.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.