Here are a few health benefits of music you might not know

Here are a few health benefits of music you might not know  11th November 2022

Music plays one of the inspiring roles through the most unpredictable journey called life. During the highs and lows of life, it is one constant that has been proven to have immense benefits for your mind, body, and soul.

Today, technological advancement can be seen through the different instruments and the tools to produce music that fuels our minds, thus lessening our stress and pain. People have started pursuing music professionally with immense dedication.

But one of the main questions still stands. What effects does music have on the human body and mind? How does it calm us down and bring peace to our lives? This blog will answer all your questions. Here are a few health benefits of listening to music you might not know.

1. Changes the brain:
Playing a musical instrument requires lots of practice, a massive chunk of your time, and immense dedication. And as an outcome, along with the fact that you will get well versed in playing an instrument, it has been scientifically proven that there are structural changes in your brain!
You involve a lot of senses when you learn to play an instrument- spatial reasoning, muscle movement, memory, coordination between sensory organs, and within the different sections of your brain. The nerve fibres connecting the left and right sides of your brain are more prominent in musicians than in regular people of various professions.
People who play the violin have been found to have larger brain sections that control the movement of the left touch and hand. Similarly, people who play the keyboard have bigger sizes of areas of the brain which control hearing and visual-spatial abilities.

2. Protection against diseases:
In many cases, it has been seen that people who have been in the field of music (playing instruments especially) for fourteen years or more have shown significantly visible structural and functional developments/changes in the brain. These changes might help protect them against dementia later in their lives.
Apart from this, various types of research have proven that musicians are much better in terms of verbal abilities and memory, spatial tests, and learning abilities when compared to non-musicians.
Patients who suffered from a stroke but have learned to play musical instruments have displayed a better recovery as they uniquely developed their motor skills compared to non-musicians. Such motor skills eventually help stroke patients function during everyday activities.
Not just dementia but listening to music or learning an instrument has also proven effective in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s or delaying the progression or onset of this disease since these people have heightened memory and enhanced sensory skills.

3. Faster response/reaction time:
As people grow older, their reaction time increases due to the weakening of their senses and understanding skills. But people who have been into music, either by learning a musical instrument or being a fan of listening to their favourite musicians, have shown faster-listening capabilities, excellent touch response, and enhanced auditory and tactile abilities. Music lovers are also proven to have better integration skills of multiple senses while performing various tasks.

4. Handle pain after surgical procedures:
Several studies have shown that listening to music helps relieve chronic pain and alleviate pain generated by various surgical procedures. Music helps the patients keep calm and soothe themselves, relax and lower the need for sedatives, allowing for efficient recovery and satisfying the patient. Music therapy is often advised to patients to lessen their pain during recovery.

Other benefits of music include boosting mental health, managing anxiety and depression, enhancing productivity and concentration, improving cognitive abilities, and much more.

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