Here are a few home remedies to treat psoriasis

Here are a few home remedies to treat psoriasis  02nd January 2023

Your body is a temple, and you must take care of it to ensure your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. However, certain conditions can take longer to cure, and their development or progression varies from person to person. One such condition is psoriasis.

If you are new to this term, let us explain psoriasis. It is a disease of the skin, which manifests itself by creating a rash with itchy and scaly spots and patches, usually on the elbows, knees, scalp, and trunk of your body. This inflammation in the skin caused by psoriasis is an autoimmune condition, and there is no single method to treat it. As every instance of psoriasis differs from the next, the treatment prescribed by dermatologists also differs.

This blog will shed more light on these treatments and the few home remedies to treat psoriasis.

1. Aloe vera to the rescue:
Aloe vera is believed to be very beneficial for managing your psoriasis and calming the inflammation of your skin. And the best part? It is readily available and hassle-free if you want to grow aloe vera in your home premises organically. If you are using aloe-vera infused creams, it is medically recommended that you use the ones with 0.5% aloe vera and apply it three times a day to treat the discolouration, rash, itching, and scales on your skin.

2. Warm water to cleanse:
Who doesn't like warm water baths? The soothing water at the right temperature falls on your skin, relaxing your body. But there is a disclaimer! You must strictly avoid "hot" water. It might not be helpful with the inflammation of the skin due to your psoriasis condition. Warm water is advised. You can add mineral oil, Epsom salt, or olive oil to help with the rashes and itchiness.
But you must be careful about specific things to avoid triggering or worsening your symptoms. Some instructions include: showering once a day, a maximum of fifteen-minute bath, using a soft, moisturising soap bar, patting dry, and applying a skin-friendly moisturiser post-shower.

3. The household's favourite – turmeric:
Every Indian household's favourite ingredient for cooking or home remedies is turmeric. There have been many studies on the usage of turmeric and its benefits which have suggested fruitful results in using this age-old home remedy in Indian culture. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory abilities, which help rid psoriasis.

4. Omega-3 is essential:
Omega-3 is an essential component that helps to strengthen your body's immunity, prevents heart diseases, reduces the chances of stroke, acts as protection against cancer, and much more. The omega-3 fatty acids are believed to lower the inflammation levels of the skin in your body.

Other ways to help you manage your psoriasis include keeping your stress levels in check by meditating, journaling, aromatherapy, anxiety management (therapy), etc. It is also advised to monitor your body weight and control it if necessary. Living with psoriasis compromises your immune system, which makes you prone to other health issues. Therefore, maintaining a moderate body weight is essential.

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