Here are a few home remedies to treat sore throat

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Here are a few home remedies to treat sore throat  13th June 2022


While most of the country is still experiencing the summers, some parts are transitioning into the beginning of the early monsoon. This is when common ailments like fever, runny nose, sore throat, etc., take up pace. These illnesses last for only a brief period and can be controlled with over-the-counter medicines.

Monsoon brings along the shortcomings of several viral infections that lead to different health complexities. One such complexity is a sore throat. Having a sore throat can be irritating and a complete disgust at times. Everyday activities such as eating, drinking, or swallowing can be painful, and we end up looking for ways to heal our throat as soon as possible. The misery and the suffering will test your patience and tolerance level. It is important to find the remedies before the sore throat takes a toll on your peace.

In this article, we will look at a few ways in which you can soothe your throat and aid in the faster healing process right at home.

1. Gargle with saltwater:

This age-old technique of using salt water to gargle is the most common and efficient way of soothing sore throat. Salt and water help in pulling out the bacteria and viruses. Use one teaspoon of salt and add it to lukewarm water. Use this concoction to gargle at least two times a day to recover from the soreness.

2. Take turmeric milk:

Another recipe from grandma's kitchen! Turmeric as an ingredient is widely popular in the Indian kitchen. It has surprising healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder into a glass of milk and stir well.

3. Honey – a sweet retreat:

Honey has various healing and therapeutic abilities. This makes it perfect for treating soreness. Honey acts as a superficial seal between the cracked throat tissues and prevents further accumulation of bacteria.
You can either consume honey directly or mix it with hot water or other herbal teas for best results.

4. Steaming – a warm therapy:

The tissues lining the inner wall of the throat produce mucus. However, they become dry and itchy when they are swollen or sore. Steaming can help retain the moisture levels by loosening the mucus layer in your throat.
Remember not to use steaming too often as it can cause difficulty in breathing, cause distress to the eyes and even cause coughing spells. Fill a vessel with boiling water and keep the container on a flat surface. Hold your mouth over the vessel and use a cloth over your head to prevent steam from escaping. You may even use a vapouriser machine to take the steam, but the traditional way has its own magic.

5. Give your voice good rest:

Giving your throat some rest is the best way to heal sore throats. Talking can put pressure on your vocal cords, further worsening the pain. Try sticking to lower volumes when talking till the soreness subsides. Sometimes, due to congestion, people tend to clear their throats. This heavily irritates the vocal cords and can strain the throat. Use gargling instead to clear out all the congestion.

If all the remedies mentioned above do not work for you and the pain prolongs, you must visit the doctor. Doctors can help you with the proper diagnosis and the necessary treatment. Sometimes, prescription drugs are the only way to fix prolonged soreness and irritation of the throat.

Look out for recurrent throat problems, difficulty breathing, earache, lumps in the throat, etc. These can be symptoms of severe health conditions and should not be taken lightly. Compromising your health can have severe long-term implications, and one must do everything to ensure the best health. One way to do that is by opting for the best health insurance policy in India. Health insurance adds value to your life and acts as a safety net for all your medical checks and treatment expenses. When you invest in your health, you indirectly invest in your life. Go ahead and choose what's best for you and your loved ones.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.