Here are a few important tips to undertake while taking your bike for a wash

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Here are a few important tips to undertake while taking your bike for a wash  29th January 2022


If you have just come back from a long trip and your bike is covered in dust and looked nothing like you would want it to, then this article is for you. We will look into some of the essential things that need to be kept in mind when you plan on washing your bike to avoid making mistakes that might prove to be expensive later on.

Cleaning and regular maintenance ensure the long life of your two-wheeler. It helps you monitor any minute structural changes and avoid the accumulation of corrosive substances like road salt, grime, etc. Besides, needless to mention here, having bike insurance is non-negotiable, and you might want to look into some bike insurance online before reading on. A good bike insurance protects your bike with financial cover against any damages to it.

1. Cleaning kit:
Having your cleaning supplies in order before washing is essential to avoid latency and prevent the water from getting into places it shouldn’t. So, get your sponges, washcloths, spray bottles, microfiber cloths, and other items ready for ease of access and prompt use of them. Since each of these tools serve a unique purpose, it is advised to understand the purpose of each. E.g., Sponges are used to gently remove any dust particles while brushes are used to get into crevices.

2. Working condition:
It is crucial to have a good work area set up before washing the bike. Avoid washing it immediately after riding it. Let the engine cool down so that it does not go into a thermal shock when you wash it with cold water. Avoiding direct sunlight is also advised as it can dry up the soap faster, and any undue pressure can lead to scratches and watermarks on the surface.

3. Plug exhaust:
Ideally, the exhausts are structured to avoid water pooling, but having a rubber plug for your exhaust is a good idea. Make sure to plug the exhaust before washing the bike to prevent water from getting into the pipe and clogging the exhaust unnecessarily.

4. Choose your cleaning product wisely:
While many people believe that laundry detergent is a good choice for your motor vehicles, it is not the case. Products that are not explicitly suited for them can damage the paint and the structural integrity of the metal owing to the harsh chemicals present in generic detergents. Using foams can be a good alternative for washing brushes.

5. Do not use hosepipes:
Hose pipes can be the easiest way to water your plants, but it is not the best one when it comes to washing your bike. Directly streaming powerful jets of water can harm the paint job on your vehicle and can also lead to dirty patches.

Buying nozzle heads that can be attached to the tip of the pipe so that water can be sprayed harmlessly is a good choice. These are some things that you need to keep in mind before taking your bike to wash. Washing your bike for the first time can come with many questions. The tips above will help you in answering a few of those.

Owning a motorcycle is an excellent feeling, but it also comes with some responsibilities. Regular maintenance and proper servicing, albeit expensive, can ensure the longevity of your bike. However, having bike insurance promises that these services do not burn a hole in your purse. Therefore, without any delay, invest in bike insurance online, and provide the best care to your two-wheeler to cover more distances together.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.