Here are a few items that you must never leave in your car

Here are a few items that you must never leave in your car  21st December 2022

Buying a car was seen as a status symbol in the past. However, it has become a necessity over time. Considering the growing population, increasing traffic, and demand for luxury and convenience, cars have improved commutation in urban landscapes.

Most people spend long hours in their cars due to long-distance commutes. After completing the ride, remember a few items you should never leave in your vehicle.

1. Edibles:
It is natural to feel snacky during the day. Keeping snacks in your car for emergencies is a good idea, as long as you take them out when you exit the vehicle. When left for long hours, the food or drinks are subjected to the changing temperature inside the car, which may result in the growth of bacteria. The same applies to soda cans that have pressure within and may explode due to the external pressure from the car's cabin.

2. Aerosols:
Aerosols like hairsprays, deodorants, air fresheners, etc., are essentials. Keeping one in the car for short periods is acceptable. However, since the cabin's temperature keeps changing without artificial air conditioning when the car is not in use, you may find that your aerosol can has exploded all over your seats.

3. Plastic bottles:
Plastic bottles are a fire hazard to your car. It magnifies the sun rays pouring in through the windows or windshield and may result in setting your seats on fire. Such incidents are considered the owner's negligence and not covered by car insurance as admissible claims.
Even if the sun rays are not strong enough to ignite a fire, they will alter the composition of the plastic bonds in the bottle, which may result in harmful BPA exposure.

4. Flammable items:
Items like lighters must never be stored in cars. The fuel within such containers can expand due to the heat and result in a fire. Again, such fires are not within the scope of admissible car insurance claims. Therefore, it is essential to remember to remove flammable items from your car cabin.

5. Valuable goods:
While the other items on this list risk the car, valuable goods are what carjackers look for while determining which car to steal from. Ensure you take out any valuable goods like phones, headphones, portable chargers, laptops, and purses from your vehicle. Leaving an expensive item in the car makes it vulnerable to drawing the attention of burglars.

6. Items with specific chemical formulations:
Items like sunscreen and medication are scientifically manufactured with a specific composition of ingredients involving chemicals to ensure efficiency. Leaving such things in the heat will alter their formulation, making the goods toxic or causing a loss of efficacy.

7. Alcoholic drinks:
Heat leads to increased fermentation which ruins the flavour of alcohol. Additionally, alcoholic drinks are packaged with internal pressure to keep the liquor from altering while in transit before consumption. Excess heat is bound to make them explode.

While this list is not comprehensive, it is a general guideline for what you must not leave in the car. Generally, anything that may be affected due to high heat must not be kept inside the vehicle. Ensure that any important documents like your car insurance and registration are not left in the car. Take care of your valuables and avoid any considerable risks to your car.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.