Here are a few lesser-known bike insurance add-ons you must know about

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Here are a few lesser-known bike insurance add-ons you must know about  28th December 2021


If you own a 2-wheeler, you might know that it is compulsory to possess bike insurance. Having standard bike insurance on your side forms a layer of protection against all the unanticipated damages. But, there are still some aspects that your standard bike insurance does not cover. So, here are some add-ons you need for your bike to enjoy additional benefits.

1. Roadside assistance:
The roadside assistance cover ensures that you get technical help if your bike faces a mechanical breakdown. You can call for this service whenever and wherever you need it. This add-on insurance can be beneficial for riders who do not carry any mechanical tools or those who drive in remote areas with little to no mechanical support.
Moreover, along with this insurance, there are other benefits that you can avail too. These include facilities such as on-spot repairing, gasoline delivery, towing your bike to the nearest service garage, and even alternate travel allowances.

2. Return-to-invoice (RTI) cover:
Besides getting caught in an accident, there is also a probability of your bike being stolen. In this scenario, if you possess bike insurance and return-to-invoice insurance, you would be entitled to get an insured value of the vehicle if the police fail to find it. The cops would then issue an RTI to get the total compensation for your stolen bike.
Furthermore, if your motorcycle is involved in a crash and is destroyed over and above repair, insurance carriers will reimburse the total value shown on the vehicle's bill. Just remember that certain companies offer return-to-invoice coverage in the comprehensive package.

3. Engine and Gear cover:
This is just another hidden gem that many people tend to miss. The engine is the heart of your bike, and if anything happens to it, your bike will not even move an inch from its initial position. Unfortunately, as you might have noticed, the insurance claim does not include any damage protection against the engine and gearbox whenever you sign up for bike insurance. So to get protection for your bike's engine and gearbox, this add-on is required.

4. Consumable items cover:
The consumable items may include nuts, bolts, extensions, wires, motor oils, brakes fluids, etc. Usually, conventional insurance will never compensate for all of these bills. These things add up to your final bill making it a big one. However, you can save some extra bucks by getting the cost of a consumable add-on with your bike insurance.

All the 2-wheeler owners get conventional bike insurance and believe it will care for all the damages and protect their vehicle. But in reality, it is not the case. It would be best to get these add-ons and make your bike insurance have an actual vehicle coverage claim. Give your bike the advantage of receiving complete security, thereby adding value to its life.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.