Here are a few myths you need to know about public liability insurance

Here are a few myths you need to know about public liability insurance  30th November 2022

Public liability insurance in India is a kind of insurance that aims to shield business owners from claims that lead to legal actions. It protects you if a customer or general public claims that your business activities caused them to suffer an injury or property damage. A policy will pay for these costs, which may include any compensation you are required to pay if a claim does end up going to court.

More about public liability insurance in India:

The public liability insurance policy covers the insured's legal obligation to pay third parties for unintentional death, physical injury, disease, and loss of or property damage. Subject to the limitations of indemnity and other terms, conditions, and exceptions of the policy, it covers the financial claims filed against the insured during the policy period, including legal fees and expenditures spent with the prior agreement of Insurers.

A few important points to remember:

● No culpability is acknowledged

● Claims filed more than five years after the incident won't be considered

Myths about public liability insurance:

1. Professional assistance and counsel are covered:
It's common to mix up professional indemnity insurance with public liability insurance. Public liability in India covers the costs related to unintentional damage and injuries. In contrast, professional indemnity protects against claims from professional negligence in business services and advice.

2. If you are sued, you can close the company:
If you own a small business, closing it won't make the case go away if you are proven legally responsible for someone getting hurt or something getting broken. The lone proprietor will be held personally liable indefinitely for any claims brought against a small business. Even while persons who run a limited company can close their company, they will still need to deal with any legal actions brought against them. Only a public liability insurance policy will be useful in these circumstances.

3. The purchase of public liability insurance is mandatory:
Businesses are not obligated by law to buy public liability coverage. However, it would be crucial to buy this coverage if you want to shield your company from having to pay out astronomical sums in claims. While performing their duties, your personnel may harm people or damage someone else's property. Businesses operating in public areas or on clients' property need this insurance policy. Get a public liability insurance quote if you need to figure out how much it will cost.

4. Loss is compensated through public liability insurance:
That's only partially accurate. Public liability insurance in India does not cover pure monetary loss. Therefore, a third party cannot demand reimbursement for the monetary damage they have sustained due to a service provider's acts.

5. Every time you sign a new contract, you'll need new insurance:
Most of the time, firms only have a single policy to cover all the contracts and projects they take on. However, for public liability insurance, when a new contract entails significant risk or is substantial, buying new insurance can be required rather than renewing an existing one. Almost every public liability insurance in India has flexible coverage options.

This simplifies adding new features when the company expands or takes on new jobs. This will be practical and guarantee that your business needs are addressed. Working with trustworthy and renowned insurance providers is essential when looking for insurance coverage to safeguard your small business. Your business can benefit from having the best public liability insurance in India.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.