Here are a few safety tips for driving carefully post-surgery

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Here are a few safety tips for driving carefully post-surgery  09th September 2022

Surgery or an operation is a significant event in one’s life. It affects the quality of the person’s life during recovery and may even alter the rest of their life. The intensity with which you might have been doing your activities might get dampened due to the aftereffects of surgery. You must be very careful while performing your daily chores and adapt to a more disciplined behaviour to emphasise aftercare and avoid severe complications.

While medical professionals take utmost care during the procedure to limit the damage and help the patient recover, it is up to the person to rest and allow their body to recover completely. However, surgery cannot put a person’s life on hold. Several responsibilities and duties need to be fulfilled in one’s day-to-day life.

Driving is one such activity that makes life convenient but can get difficult post-surgery. This article discusses some safety tips to keep you safe while driving post-operation.

1. Avoid driving until 48 hours post-operation:
The effects of anaesthesia or any other drug administered during the procedure may still affect your senses and cloud your judgement. It is best to avoid getting behind the wheel at least two days after the surgery. Having friends or family drive you back home or hail a cab is advised.

2. Consult your doctor:
Only your doctors can give you accurate estimates of when you will be able to recover. While it is advised to wait until the entire advised rest period is over, you can consult your doctor to find the best time to get back to driving. Only drive after getting your doctor’s approval. Till then, continue to indulge yourself in mild exercises and stretches.

3. Check your range of mobility:
Drivers need to have a full range of motion and vision. If your mobility is restricted or vision is impaired, you are not fit to drive and are putting yourself and others at risk. Do not drive under either of the circumstances mentioned above.

4. Have a licence-holding passenger accompany you:
It is better to have a passenger with a driving licence issued by the Government beside you even after the doctor deems you fit to drive. In case of any difficulties, the passenger can take control of the vehicle, and drive you safely to your destination.

5. Go for short drives:
Let the first few drives mimic the driving lessons you took as a beginner. Keep the distance short and focus on the basics- lane driving, assessing your position on the road, and checking your reflexes. While it may be frustrating, it will keep you safe and help you get accustomed to driving post-operation. Take this as a challenge to make a swift comeback to your regular driving regime.

Why your insurance may not cover your driving accidents post-surgery:
A personal accident insurance policy is undoubtedly helpful in covering medical and allied costs. However, it may not cover accidents immediately after a medical operation. Since an accident caused due to pain or impairment due to the surgery is a known cause, it becomes the insured’s responsibility to pay for the medical costs incurred for the treatment. Medicinal intoxication is usually covered under a personal accident insurance policy, but pre-existing injuries are exempted from insurance coverage.

*Note: Verify all the inclusions and exclusions with your insurance provider for a better understanding.

While a personal accident insurance policy does not cover already existing injuries, we strongly recommend purchasing it to cover unforeseen accidents and thoroughly check the conditions to protect yourself.

Just as you ensure your wellbeing, it is equally crucial to insure your car against accidental damages. Invest in a reliable car insurance plan, or never miss out on your car insurance renewal if you already own one. Lastly, do not give up on your hopes. Stay positive and relentlessly practice healthy habits for a speedy recovery. You don’t have to surrender your passion for driving. Follow the above tips and make a comeback taking one step at a time.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.