Here are a few tips and tricks to enhance your calligraphy skills

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Here are a few tips and tricks to enhance your calligraphy skills  21st March 2022


Clear text and handwriting create a good impression on the person reading what you have written. While improving your handwriting was mandatory during school days, many people have taken this up to a higher level and started learning calligraphy recently.

Calligraphy is a type of art where you design and execute the writing elegantly. It is an ancient art form that is now making a huge comeback and gaining massive popularity. You can use a pen, ink or other writing instruments to practice calligraphy. Many people have structured their small businesses around drafting wedding cards, greeting cards, frames, posters, etc., in beautiful calligraphic styles.

Are you interested in calligraphy and want to improve your art? Here are a few tips and tricks to enhance your skills.

1. Draw your letters:
Do not consider calligraphy as writing sentences. Think of the words individually. Visualise what your whole sentence would look like and how it would make you feel. Structure that in your head, and then draw the letters beautifully. Make them interesting.

2. Which pens to use:
Before practising your strokes and letters, you need to understand the type of pens and nibs you would have to work with to attain a specific style. It would be best to opt for tools that suit your expertise. A beginner shouldn’t use the most traditional and expert-level tools and stress themselves.
Modern calligraphy gives you the liberty of starting with a pencil or a ballpoint pen. Once you move past the initial levels, experiment with different nibs, pens, and the intricacies that would come along and the strokes that would go with them.

3. Choosing the suitable sheets is important:
Try to look for the proper practice sheets that suit your skill level. You can either go for the sheets, which would help you practice tracing the letters or practice using reference sheets where you have to independently try and copy the style of the letters on a blank sheet. Many sheets have a base, a certain height and letters you can trace and draw for practice.

4. Be careful about spacing:
You need to ensure that the words and letters have equal spaces between them. Regular practice will help ensure consistency in writing. Dedicate time to writing and give special attention to the spacing between the letters.

5. What about the writing angle:
Find patterns in the script you are using as a reference. Using the correct writing angles helps you achieve a specific lettering style and pattern. (The angle here is the angle that you are writing at)
Many practice sheets come with a reference or an information box regarding the writing angle. Read the information carefully and accordingly implement it while writing.

6. Begin with modern calligraphy:
Modern calligraphy (also known as faux calligraphy) is easier to start with. There is no usage of traditional tools, and you can start with as simple a tool as a pen.
You don’t have to deal with the daunting tasks of understanding dip pen brushes, multiple strokes created by applying different pressure levels, etc. Faux calligraphy takes a more practical approach.

That’s a wrap on a few tips and tricks to enhance your calligraphy! Did you know that the art form of calligraphy helps improve your mental health? It is considered to be therapeutic and relaxing. Daily busy schedules and hectic routine life can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Indulging yourself in activities like calligraphy can do wonders.

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