Here are a few tips for installing an audio system in your car

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Here are a few tips for installing an audio system in your car  28th February 2021


We all love good music, especially while driving around or travelling long distances. The music system has become an essential factor associated with the purchase of cars. Vehicles today come with fancy sound systems, and their features differ with the price range and models.

The sound system has evolved massively over time. The type of speakers, the sound they produce, and different settings are now being provided in all kinds of cars. The modern intelligent and hands-free voice-enabled audio systems have raised car owners' bar.

In this blog, we will discuss the audio setup for your vehicle and a few tips for installing an audio system.

1. Stereo:
You need to figure out the stereo you are looking for. List all your expectations from the one you want to install. It could include multiple features like touchscreen, playback (video), navigation, etc. You can purchase a stereo (aftermarket) and get it installed by an expert technician to ensure that the wires are not altered, and the warranty doesn’t void.

2. Speaker:
Your current speakers might lack treble bass and dull the vocals. You can resolve this issue by getting a new speaker according to your needs. There are component speakers with two-way or three-way components.
The two-way speakers produce mid-low bass and vocals frequencies, while the three-way component speakers have an additional speaker for middle-range frequencies. You can also pick the full-range speakers, mainly known as the co-axial speakers, for an immersive audio experience.

3. Amplifier:
To achieve loudness from your speakers, you can add an amplifier to your audio system. It comes in various configurations and power outputs. Some of these configurations are 4/3/2 channels which consist of four-channel amplifiers: these amplifiers power one subwoofer or one subwoofer and two speakers or four speakers. You need to get a component subwoofer if you like loud, thumping bass or sub-bass in the songs.

4. Subwoofer:
The customisable option amongst subwoofers is the component subwoofer. It has a wide range of power ratings and sizes options. Bass tube and bass box subwoofers are preinstalled in tube type and bass box type enclosures. You can directly use them to plug and play.
Another option in this category is the under-seat subwoofer. They focus on bass and space utility as they can be easily installed under your seats, thus freeing up the boot space of your vehicle.

You can use some damping sheets on the doors, windows, floors of your car to lessen the background noise from the roads and reduce the vibration from the doors due to loud volumes. This would amplify the impact of the music.

That’s a wrap on the tips to install an audio system in your car. Adding to this, it would be wise if you refrain from listening to loud music while driving. It may distract you, and an unstable focus on the road can lead to severe mishaps. Along with installing an audio system, consider getting your car insured to safeguard it against damages and stay stress-free monetarily. Invest in suitable private car insurance India and ensure the longevity of your vehicle.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.