Here are a few tips for maintaining the optimum tyre pressure in two-wheelers

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Here are a few tips for maintaining the optimum tyre pressure in two-wheelers  29th January 2022


Tyres are the least talked about part of a bike and usually get tossed to the side. But it is crucial to check your two-wheeler’s tyres regularly because they go through a lot. Whether you are riding on a metal road or rough surfaces —they have to be able to hold their shape. But, quick-fix solutions like tyre pressure can do so much for your tyres.

Imagine riding your bike, and you realise there's a flat tyre. This can interrupt your ride due to the waste of time. Also, sudden faults in the tyres are potential risks to the rider's life and even damage the bike.

Tips for maintaining the optimum tyre pressure:
Taking care of your bike's tyres isn't a big task. If you remain a little attentive, it's possible to avoid any breakdown-related issues. However, a big problem that one needs to avoid is the accident and financial worries attached to it. To deal with these, consider buying insurance plans. Getting a 2 wheeler insurance policy is like buying a shield for your two-wheeler.
And luckily, there are four tips to help you avoid tyre-related accidents while riding your bike. Maintaining optimum tyre pressure is crucial to minimise mishaps on the road.

1. Are your tyres correctly positioned:
When checking your bike, you should always check the tyres to see if they are in the correct position. Also, check for any punctures as sharp objects such as glass can hamper the quality of tyres. Make sure to move the tyre forward and back to check the whole surface thoroughly.

2. Check the tyre pressure:
One of the best ways to protect your two-wheeler is to examine the air pressure. When inflating your tyres, you can extend their lifespan and improve handling. Make sure to check the air pressure before every ride. As the bike heats up, air pressure can change, and it is essential to keep track of the air pressure level for your bike.

3. Recommended air pressure:
Keeping your motorcycle's tyres at the recommended air pressure is essential. Ask the service centre or check your bike manual to know the recommended tyre pressure, and ensure you maintain it. Also, to avoid sliding on wet roads, make sure your tyres are in good shape. Check the treads for wear and make sure they are not bald. If there is a decrease in an inch or quarter bald track, you should consider replacing the tyres.

4. Avoid maximum inflation:
When filling your tyre with air, be mindful that the sidewall states the maximum pressure. The recommended amount is always lower than the maximum. Excessive air filling can cause considerable damage to the tyres and increase the probability of tyre burst, creating a life-threatening situation for the rider and fellow drivers around him.

With an increasing number of road accidents and fatalities in India, 2 wheeler owners must be well-protected from any unfortunate mishaps. So, make sure you get a 2 wheeler insurance plan, drive safely, and stress-free. Also, use the tips mentioned above to take the best care of your bike’s tyres and leave no scope for negligence.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.