Here are a few tips for maintaining commercial vehicles

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Here are a few tips for maintaining commercial vehicles  21st March 2022


Maintaining commercial vehicles like trucks, carriers, tempos, cars, etc., can be challenging at times, but it is common knowledge that regular maintenance ensures a longer lifetime of vehicles. And missing out on these services will result in expensive repair works that can put a load on your pocket.

Hence a wise option is to follow a regular maintenance regime for your vehicle and invest in motor insurance that provides several benefits while also helping you stay on a budget.

Today, we'll look at ways to ensure your commercial vehicles stay in their best shape.

1. Keep a vehicle checklist:
Since various drivers use and drive commercial vehicles, maintaining a checklist is a good idea. This will ensure that each driver is reminded to check fuel levels, tyre pressure, brake systems, and batteries before making a trip. After the initial check is done, they will know all the shortcomings and fix them before departure.

2. Change engine oil:
Since the oil in heavy commercial vehicles can be spoiled by dust and small dirt particles, it is advisable to change it regularly. Polluted oil can affect the optimal functionality of vehicles and cause various issues during the trip that will be expensive to fix. The oil filters should also be changed frequently to avoid an accumulation of dust and other residues.

3. Engine maintenance:
Excessive smoke, decreased power, and loss of oil pressure are a few indicators of engine failure. Ensure that the engine goes through professional checks to identify any additional defects. These procedures involve exhaust temperature, monitoring engine cooling, and boost pressure.

4. Inspect tyre pressure:
For the maximum value of tyres, keeping a check on the tyre pressure is non-negotiable. Commercial vehicles do not stick to one kind of road. They traverse various terrains to cover long distances and undertake multiple business operations. Inspecting the tyre pressure is the best way to increase the life of tyres. Another way of ensuring better health is by rotating the tyres before they wear out.

5. Keep the vehicles in the shade:
Keeping commercial vehicles away from the harsh climatic conditions when they're not under operation helps maintain their shape for extended periods. If garages and sheds are not an option, you can opt for vehicle covers. They also help in keeping the chassis of the vehicle clean.

6. Train the drivers:
Training the drivers in performing minor repair works can help you reduce maintenance costs in the long run. Conducting drills on maintaining the vehicle and dealing with emergencies as a team can help them understand basic procedures and share ideas and tricks.

Compensating your drivers for putting in extra work, providing health insurance, and good living quarters is an excellent way to ensure that the drivers are well-rested and taken care of. This way, they are less likely to cause accidents.

These were a few ways to ensure the better health of your commercial vehicles. Owning a business that includes commercial vehicles comes with its own set of challenges, but regular upkeep and servicing can ensure reduced cost and investment in the long run.

Do not forget to invest in motor insurance, as it will add value to your service by providing a safety net against all expenses in an unprecedented situation such as accidents or machine failure.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.