Here are a few tips to help you ride your two-wheeler on congested roads

Here are a few tips to help you ride your two-wheeler on congested roads  30th November 2022

Due to the extreme population density, everything in the country is crammed up and congested, which also applies to the roads. Driving on city roads or highways is complex and challenging. If you're learning to ride a two-wheeler, this article might be helpful for you.

In India, road accidents are frequently encountered. Every minute, a road accident occurs in some part of the city, which puts everyone at risk. The density of people per square foot of the road is way more than it is supposed to be. So much so that it exceeds the safety limits.

If you own a two-wheeler, the roads can leave you vulnerable and scared. You should keep many things in mind when driving through congested roads, and your safety comes at the top. You should also have a valid insurance policy to safeguard you and your two-wheeler. Research the best two wheeler insurance rate in India and purchase the policy that suits your needs and is within your budget.

Let us thoroughly look at the tips to keep you safe while driving across congested roads.

1. Do not lose focus:
Focus is extremely important while riding a vehicle. Avoid all distractions that can cause you harm while riding. Phone calls, music, or small talk with your fellow passenger can be distracting. It can lead to road accidents in a blink of an eye. Hence, it is best to avoid them all.

2. Keep an eye on the road:
Whenever you drive, you should keep an attentive and careful eye on the road, people, and other vehicles. Most people are not cautious while crossing the road, especially in market areas or other congested roads. This puts the responsibility on you to be extra alert. Look out for any pedestrians on the road when you ride your vehicle.

3. Do not over speed:
Over-speeding is one of the leading causes of road accidents and fatalities in India. Fast driving on a congested road can lead to disasters. It is advised to slow down as and when necessary. It is best not to put too much pressure on the accelerator as congested roads have comparatively lesser space to occupy vehicles and allow them to commute swiftly. Plus, the risk of colliding with pedestrians or street vendors is always high.

4. Plan your trip well:
You must have a clear idea of the route you're going to take. It is wise to sort out your route on maps before you begin your journey. You don't have to waste time and effort sorting a route in between your ride. Preferably avoid taking congested roads even though they might show the shortest route.

5. Maintain a safe distance:
You should maintain a distance from the other vehicles. Do not drive too close to other vehicles. The same is advised for people on the road as well. Maintain a safe distance from all to avoid accidents. Also, look out for the speed breakers and potholes carefully.

6. Follow traffic rules:
It is mandatory to follow all the traffic rules whenever you're on the road. Violating traffic rules can land you into several troubles, from penalties to even imprisonment. It is best to wear a helmet and carry all required documents during your ride.

These tips can help you make your way through congested city roads. If you are a new rider on the streets, you should always focus on the road and be attentive while driving. Additionally, you should also insure your vehicle with a valid insurance policy. The two wheeler insurance rate should be researched and found beforehand to help you make the best choice.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.