Here are a few ways you can use to make your balcony a cosy space

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Here are a few ways you can use to make your balcony a cosy space  06th June 2022


A cup of tea, a favourite book, and some music in the background while you feel the sprays of monsoon on your face. That’s what dreams are made for your casual & chic home. We all have unique ideas of our happy space and how we want to decorate them according to our tastes. Some of us are truly blessed with good aesthetic sense, while others have to depend heavily on the internet for ideas and inspiration.

After spending hours on various websites and choosing the best options, you create the perfect room for yourself. What about your balconies? This article will discuss some exciting and economical ways to revamp your balcony to make it the perfect cosy space for you to unwind.

1. Plants are the perfect backdrop:

Adding plants is one way to add colour and freshness to your balcony. You can opt for flowering or nonflowering plants depending on your choice. If you are a beginner, go for low-maintenance plants like the snake plant, money plant, spider grass, etc. You can also use different prints and colours on flowering pots to add more character to the balcony.
Artificial turf is a game-changer if you want more greens with minimum effort. Homeowners use these to give their balconies the feel of a miniature carpet garden that adds more comfort and cosiness to the entire space.

2. Sitting arrangements beyond ordinary:

Since your balcony is susceptible to rains and sun, one way to ensure the sitting area is not perishable by using metal chairs and tables. These bring a certain antique charm to your balcony without overbearing on your pocket. You can also add swings to make it more fun and quirkier. Adding rugs, floor pillows, and pouffes can make the space seem instantly cosy, and in the event of rain, you can quickly put them back inside.

3. Add lights for vibrant nights:

Adding tiny yellow lights and lanterns is probably the best way to make your balcony beautiful and warm for the evenings. You can further add scented candles if you have visitors, making it the perfect hangout spot for you and your guests. This way, you may even bring the romance right to your balconies and plan perfect dinner dates with your beloved or instead just indulge in your favourite pass time.

4. Textured wallpapers:

Using textured wallpapers can bring a new life to your balconies. Depending on the plants and other furniture used, you can either select a bright pop of colour or an understated neutral look. Wallpapers are a foolproof way to instantly elevate the interiors and add a certain elegance to the space.

5. Shade and privacy:

Most people do not spend time on their balconies because of a lack of privacy or unfavourable weather conditions. Use an awning or extended coverage to protect your balcony from direct sunlight or rains. Opting for a retractable or a folding roof is a choice that you must consider to change and alter the look of your balcony.

These are a few ways to turn your old balcony into a cosy living space. Remember to not go overboard with the decoration. A cluttered space kills the purpose of building a comfortable space for yourself. Talking to an interior designer or an architect can help you understand how you can modify the area without spending a lot of money.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.