Here are some common yoga injuries and the ways to fix them

Here are some common yoga injuries and the ways to fix them  19th July 2022

Yoga is considered one of the oldest forms of physical exercise in the history of the world. While its origins seem Indian, yoga is practiced globally by people of different ethnicities and cultures. It helps you keep your body flexible, develop a more robust immune system, and bring a certain sense of discipline to your life. The various asanas and forms in yoga ensure that your body and mind work synchronously. It also regulates low-stress levels, induces better sleep quality, decreases blood pressure, heals current ailments, and benefits mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and much more.

There are many advantages of inculcating the habit of practicing yoga daily in your lifestyle. But everything comes with its risks. You must strictly adhere to the methodologies and procedures while performing various asanas to avoid unwanted accidents. Lack of proper understanding and implementation of the instructions can cause more harm to your body than expected.

Here are some common yoga injuries and the ways to fix them.

1. Be careful about your shoulders and knees:
Some of the most frequent yoga injuries include repetitive stress in the shoulders resulting in strain, chronic pain, or dislocation (ball and socket joint issues). Although the latter happens in extreme cases, strain and chronic pain can cause massive discomfort in your day-to-day activities. The muscle injuries in the shoulder area can be caused by overstretching too.

2. Neck pain can be frustrating:
Yoga postures like headstands and shoulder stands can cause severe neck injuries if not performed carefully or under supervision. Such poses can even put your vertebrae under extreme pressure, eventually leading to excruciating pain, compression, and flexibility issues. You might also face joint issues and muscle spasms, which can cause soreness and problems with your neck movement.

3. Save yourself from back problems:
When done incorrectly, yoga can cause discomfort in your lower back. You might stress your back even more while performing your daily chores. This might substantially elevate your back issues, leading to pain, spinal cord problems, movement restrictions, hip issues, disc problems in worse situations, etc.
Since your lower back is connected to significant movements in your upper or lower body, even the slightest task, such as stretching, can become a huge pain point in case of lower back troubles due to yoga injuries.

Now that we have discussed some common injuries, let’s discuss how we can fix them. Avoid putting excessive pressure on your body to perform a particular yoga posture. While it is essential to push your body to its limits, you need to draw a line and understand when it’s time to pull back. Use blankets or a yoga mat to significantly reduce the pressure from your lower back during seated yoga positions.

Perform the yoga postures in stages, so you don’t end up overstretching your shoulders. Avoid pulling too hard and take a breather whenever required. You can wear kneecaps to support your knees while performing the asanas. Again, perform such postures in stages. Make your body familiar with the pressure you might experience. Always ensure to let your body a little loose once you are done with your yoga session. You should include warm-down exercises to relax your body after heavy yoga/workout.

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