Here are some interesting facts about the Indian two wheeler market

Here are some interesting facts about the Indian two wheeler market  22nd November 2022

Convenience is the need of the hour during the age of rapid growth. It is common to see newly developed inventions being phased out shortly after a better discovery is made that serves the purpose and facilitates the fast pace of human life. One exception to this general rule is the case of two-wheelers in the Indian automotive market.

Two-wheelers are inexpensive compared to cars, making them an obvious choice for the economically impoverished. On the other hand, with the increasing demand for convenience, vehicles on the road keep increasing every year, inevitably increasing traffic. The easiest way to navigate through traffic is by travelling on a two-wheeler, which makes switching lanes and parking relatively easier.

Even if you do not own a two-wheeler, it is an exciting product yet to reach its maturity and full potential. Until then, we can expect extensive developments to reform it into a futuristic commuting option. Simultaneously, as two wheeler insurance online gains popularity, enhanced safety of the riders can be ensured to minimise accidents and their financial burden.

If this is not enough to excite you about two wheelers, here are some interesting facts that will surely do the trick!

1. Rural areas drive demand:
Usually, urban demand for a product is expected to be greater than that from rural and semi-urban areas. However, while two-wheelers enjoy demand across the country, rural and semi-urban regions have continuous demand. About 50-60% of the 2-wheeler market is catered to rural areas. This demand is quite volatile as their income is comparatively low and susceptible to changes in prices of commodities like vehicles themselves or fuel rates.

2. Expected YoY growth:
Before the pandemic, the market for 2-wheelers was expected to grow at least by a prudent 10% each year. However, when comparing the sales of September 2019 and 2022, an evident exponential jump in sales has been noticed, proving its utility.

3. Hike in prices:
Since the pandemic, supply shortages have led to increases in raw materials prices, which have ultimately been passed on to the customers in the case of most consumer products. In addition, the consistently increasing production costs and the rising inflation rates have left two wheeler makers with no choice but to hike up vehicle prices.
This has been a significant factor that has made buyers hesitant to purchase two wheelers, as current prices are up by almost 15-20% compared to the pre-pandemic rates.

4. Gearless scooters see equivalent demand:
The ease of maintenance, relative inexpensiveness, and convenient usage make gearless two wheelers a popular option in India. It is common to see more and more gearless scooters on the roads, which speaks for its popularity.

5. Growth of electric scooters:
While the market is presently dominated by vehicles that run on fuel, a slow transition to electric vehicles has been noticed in cars and scooters. The total share of electric two-wheelers in the Indian market was around 3.5% as of July 2022, and the government has a vision of achieving 100% penetration by 2027. Although the numbers are minimal now, it shows the interest of the Indian consumer and the possibilities of the future.

The Indian two wheeler sector continues to grow despite all odds, some years at a slower pace than usual. While the vehicle provides convenience, it is essential to emphasise one’s security when riding a two wheeler and follow all necessary safety precautions. It is critical to purchase two wheeler insurance to prevent the financial strain any mishap may cause.

Two wheeler insurance online is a trending option that simplifies the process without having to leave the comfort of your home and provides an easy comparison between alternatives. With two wheeler insurance online, you get the advantages of affordable premiums, great deals, continuous customer support, and a seamless experience.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.