Here are some situations where your car may need a jump start

Here are some situations where your car may need a jump start  14th March 2023

Owning a car entails a considerable amount of responsibilities. You must take care of it adequately to maintain its functionality for long periods. Before you start driving, you must know how to keep it properly and prevent any breakdown. From knowing how to drive to changing your wheel if it gets punctured to checking all the fluid levels, there's plenty to learn and explore.

Additionally, you may also require expertise in jump-starting your car. Jump-starting your car is a viable alternative to starting your vehicle when using a key doesn't do the trick. You must know how the battery functions and why and when you should jump-start. If you do not learn the basics, you can cause severe damage to the car.

There may be several instances when you may presume the need to jump-start. However, to avoid damage, you must know when your vehicle needs a jump start and when it does not. This way, you can deal with your car better and more efficiently. Regardless, you should always buy the best car insurance in India to protect your vehicle against all damages.

This article will list all the possible reasons your car needs a jump start. They are –

1. Low battery:
Being low on battery is one of the biggest reasons for jump-starting your car. You'll probably need to jump-start your car if you have a low or dead battery. It is because your car would not start on its own. This may also arise if the battery needs to be heated up more. You'll experience this more often during cold weather. Batteries can give up due to old age as well.

2. Malfunction of starter:
If there is no problem with your battery, we move on to the starter. The starter may be dysfunctional. It can either be contaminated or extremely old. It can also malfunction due to corrosion. The best way is to check for weird noise that the starter might make. Often even jump starting does not ignite the car's engine if the starter is broken.

3. Bad spark plugs:
The ignition system has a built-in system of intricate parts that keeps it going. If one of them malfunctions, the car may not start. Apart from the starter, the spark plug is also included in the ignition system. It can malfunction due to clogging or contamination due to oil leaks. This can prevent the car from starting, and it may most certainly need a jump start.

4. Clogged or contaminated fuel lines:
Sometimes the problem is not with the ignition system or even the battery. In such a case, the problem lies in the fuel lines. If they are frozen or clogged, the fuel may not rush smoothly to the engine. This can disrupt the smooth start of the vehicle. It can be solved by jump-starting, but it will start creating problems again. Your car may stop in the middle of the road if it is not resolved soon. Jump-starting is not the permanent solution here.

Jump-starting a car is a practical way to rescue you from an emergency and help you reach the service centre or garage. However, it is not a permanent solution to fix the delay in running your vehicle. If you wish to have a smooth experience with your car, practise the preventive maintenance tips provided by the manufacturer.

Additionally, you must purchase the best car insurance in India that offers comprehensive protection against all maintenance and accident-allied costs. Car insurance can benefit you when your car demands high repair costs or, in the worst case, a total loss due to extensive damage.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.