Here are some strange facts about your body that you should know

Here are some strange facts about your body that you should know  04th August 2022

The human body is the basis of all sustenance. All your organs are arranged in a highly complex manner and have been connected to derive energy from each other’s functionalities.

Every day, thousands of scientists across the globe conduct further research, trying to discover new things about the body which help us thrive even in the worst of circumstances.

You might have read about human anatomy in your school and college, but we bet there are many weird things about the human body that you might not know. Intrigued? Here are some strange facts about your body that you should know. Let’s get started.

1. Did you know that babies have 300 bones during birth instead of the usual 206 bones that develop over time as you grow older? A baby’s bones are delicate, and their bodies have bones half-made of cartilage.

2. The longest bone of your body, called Femur, is located in your upper leg and can manage almost thirty times your body weight.

3. The saliva your body makes every day, if collected for an average lifetime, can fill up to twenty thousand litres, roughly accounting for two giant swimming pools.

4. Almost twelve percent of people dream of monochrome (black and white). This had significantly reduced from fifteen percent before colour televisions and media took over. It is quite intriguing to observe how colour media has influenced the dream patterns of human beings apart from other impacts they have caused on our lifestyles.

5. You are more prone to heart attacks on Mondays due to the sudden stress you face as you get back to work. Your body gets a little relaxed over the weekend, and the pile of work at the beginning of the week creates sudden tension in your body. Plus, having excessive alcohol in your weekend plans makes your body vulnerable to heart attacks.

6. You are usually taller when you wake up in the mornings! This happens due to the compression of bones’ cartilages during the day. So, the body relaxes at night, and you are a little taller in the morning. An ode to gravitational force, it seems!

7. Ever wondered why permanent tattoos are so hard to remove? That’s because they are ingrained in your nerves and not on the top layer of your skin. Permanent tattoos take their space in your immune system, so lasers must be involved for their removal. Using lasers kills the cells, and the remaining ink released is processed by macrophages, which also helps heal the laser injuries. The tattoo takes a few sessions to start with the fading process.

8. See your hand. You see that little finger, or as you call it, your “pinkie” finger? Research has found that the maximum strength of your writing lies in your little finger, and you would lose fifty percent of the power if you lost that pinkie. Who would have thought?

We hope these facts amazed you and catered to your curiosity about your body. And while we are on the subject of strange facts, we must not forget that health is wealth, and if health is lost, nothing stays the same. You must take good care of your physical and mental health by eating right, staying safe, exercising, etc.

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