Here are the best blue water beaches in India which should be on your wishlis

Here are the best blue water beaches in India which should be on your wishlist  21st November 2022

Who does not enjoy travelling? Being able to visit and explore new places, try local cuisine, click pictures, and enjoy the native culture of a place is the dream of every traveller. Travelling fills the heart and mind with a sense of euphoria. It boosts your happy hormones and uplifts your spirits. Hence, everyone must take at least one vacation every year.

What if you're a beach person looking for your next blue water beach holiday in India? This article is just for you. We recommend 05 top beach holidays where you can enjoy quality time in blue waters and golden sands.

However, no matter where you travel to, you should always have general insurance to back you up. You can check the general insurance online quote in advance and purchase insurance that provides comprehensive coverage for your luggage and ensures a safe trip.

Here's a list of the best blue water beaches in India.

1. Marari Beach, Kerala:
If you're a fan of Kerala, you should visit this beach. Located near Kochi, this beach is close to the Mararikulam village of Kerala. The waters are apparent here. It is also peaceful and full of lush green vegetation around the village. It is also rated among the top five hammock beaches in India. You can spend some quality time here with your loved ones.

2. Butterfly Beach, Goa:
Present in South Goa, you can reach this beach easily by taking a ferry ride from Agonda beach. It is one of Goa's hidden gems, unexplored by most travellers. Not many people are aware of the magnificence of this beach. It is picturesque and beautiful in every possible way. It is a haven for nature lovers. Many butterflies hover over the beach, making it all the more enticing.

3. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands:
It is one of the most picturesque beaches on Andaman and Nicobar’s Havelock Island. It has clear blue waters and white sands to its credit. A line of coconut trees surrounds the coastline, making it all the more aesthetic. The sunsets here are a sight to behold. You also have the chance to participate in various water sports when you are here at the beach.

4. Varkala Beach, Kerala:
Also known as Papanasam Beach, Varkala beach is one of the most breathtaking beaches in Kerala. You will catch a stunning view of the Arabian Sea from the cliffs present at the beach. You can either sunbathe on the golden sands or stroll by the coast. This beach is serene yet beautiful. You can also go swimming in the waters and rejuvenate yourself.

5. Bangaram Beach, Lakshadweep:
With its jaw-dropping blue waters and white sands, this beach is a cheerful retreat to enjoy with close ones. It is secluded from the hustle and bustle of city life. The beach has brown rocks on all sides. It makes the beach all the more attractive. The beach also has unique bioluminescence at night. The blue waters glow and look starry.

Make these top beaches a part of your travel bucket list and plan a dreamy holiday to savour these destinations' mystic charm. Regardless of the places you want to travel to, always have general insurance to keep your travel covered. An ideal insurance policy will cover your expenses if you incur any damages while travelling or if your luggage is damaged or stolen. You should also check the general insurance online quote before you apply for any policy. Research the best options and invest in a plan that best suits your needs. Better be safe than sorry!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.