Here are the best five car cleaning accessories you may want to have

Here are the best five car cleaning accessories you may want to have  16th November 2022

Every car owner wishes to keep the vehicle in prime condition to maintain its sleek look. However, it is challenging to do so considering the high levels of pollution and poorly maintained roads. With the hectic daily schedule, finding time to keep your car clean takes time and effort.

Car cleaning is a part of the car ownership experience that you cannot ignore. It is just as essential to keep your car clean inside out as to have regular car servicing, a pollution certificate, and a car insurance policy. Always research the best car insurance company in India to purchase adequate insurance coverage that safeguards your finances against damages.

While a weekly car wash can keep your car clean for a short period, having the right cleaning accessories can ensure that your vehicle stays clean during the week.

Here are five car cleaning accessories that are easy to use and effective.

1. Wireless handheld vacuum cleaner:
While vacuum cleaners for homes have picked up demand in the past two decades, they are also an effective cleaning solution for your car. Picking up a compact car vacuum cleaner is a quick solution to keep your car’s interiors clean at all times.
It does not take up too much space, operates efficiently, and helps keep your vehicle free of dust or waste particles of any size with minimal effort. It is incredibly convenient if you have kids since keeping them from spilling food or drinks and dirtying the car floor and seats is impossible.

2. Microfibre cloth:
A microfibre cloth is an essential cleaning supply in most spaces, and a car is no exception. They speed up the cleaning process and pick up even the smallest particles. You can restore the shine of the car’s paint underneath the dust by running the cloth on your seats, windows, and exteriors.
Another benefit is that they absorb liquids rapidly, which helps deal with accidental spills on leather seats. While you need additional supplies to eliminate any odour or deal with the stickiness a drink spill may cause, a microfibre cloth is a basic necessity in dealing with the situation.

3. Liquid glass cleaner:
While the other accessories help maintain your car’s cleanliness, this is essential to ensure proper visibility and prevent mishaps. Keeping your mirrors and windshield clean are primary requisites that help maintain perfect vision for the driver, which can reduce the possibility of accidents. Therefore, a microfibre cloth, if needed, and some glass cleaning solution goes a long way in keeping your mirrors and glasses clean to facilitate better visibility of the incoming traffic.

4. Wheel cleaner:
An often overlooked part of a car is the tyres. Newly purchased and well-maintained cars have shiny alloy rims that cause envy to most car enthusiasts. A little bit of wheel cleaner and a quick wipe with a microfibre cloth take care of any grease or dirt accumulating on your tyres and make them shine like new with minimal effort.

5. Rust remover spray:
Rust and stain remover spray comes in handy when your car needs a quick. It eliminates the squeaking of rusted parts, prolongs the life of parts, and helps remove sticky particles from the exterior. Spray some onto the sticky residue you wish to get rid of and wipe it off with a microfibre cloth to ensure that there are no scratches on the paint and that the look of your car is maintained.

Maintaining your car may seem like a daunting task. Using basic supplies and spending a few minutes can help maintain your car. Additionally, purchase a car body cover to protect your vehicle from dust, sun exposure, falling leaves, and bird droppings. Lastly, don’t overlook the benefits of having reliable car insurance. Look for the best car insurance company in India and assure yourself of coverage that provides maximum security to your valuable asset during emergencies.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.