Here are the effective ways to identify and fix punctures in tubeless tyres

Here are the effective ways to identify and fix punctures in tubeless tyres  31st October 2022

Tubeless tyres have been a great invention to make the lives of car owners more convenient. Despite the extra cost as compared to tube-type tyres, these make driving a lot safer by preventing the vehicle from losing balance with a sudden tyre puncture. Tubeless tyres have an air cushion between the tyre and the rim. This prevents air from rushing out of the tyre in case of puncture and allows the slow discharge of air.

With these enhanced safety features, it is not surprising that tubeless tyres are preferred over ones with a tube. But with these advantages comes the complexity of changing it when it experiences a puncture.

This blog aims to give you the information you can use to identify and fix punctures in tubeless tyre easily.

Tubeless tyres are relatively easy to fix. Spending too much money on a mechanic to fix it is not advisable. But it is important to thoroughly inspect the tyre before getting your hands dirty. This will prevent you from missing out on additional punctures that might not be visible at first glance.

Tools required:
Buy a puncture repair kit from your nearest car spare parts shop. This repair kit will include a rasper, rubber strips, and a strip insertion tool. You might also need pliers and a knife to remove any external substances stuck on the tyre. You will also need a tyre inflator to fill in the air lost.

The procedure is slightly more complex for the back tyres because of their inability to be steered as easily as the front ones. For the back tyres, a jack must first lift the vehicle and remove the tyre to fix it.
1. Pour some water onto the front and back tyres to locate the puncture. If it's on the front tyres, it will be enough to steer it from left to right to access any holes. However, remove the tyre if the hole is on the back tyre.
2. Use the plier to remove the sharp object that punctured the tyre.
3. Next, you need to make a smooth hole of an appropriate size to insert the rubber strip to fix the puncture. To achieve this, take the rasper (also known as a smoothening tool) to smoothen the hole created by the sharp object.
4. Leave the rasper half embedded in the tyre.
5. Some sewing tactics will be a necessity here. Carefully insert the rubber strip into the insertion tool without disturbing rasper. This will be a similar process to threading a needle.
6. Carefully extract the smoothening tool from the tyre, replace it with the rubber strip, and shove the entire length into the tyre. As this process is completed, remove the insertion tool.
7. The knife will make its appearance at this step. Carefully cut the strip that protrudes out of the tyre.
8. Use a tyre inflator to fill the air which had already escaped from the tyre. A portable tyre inflator is available online or in your nearest car parts shop.

Although it is safe to drive a vehicle with a punctured tubeless tyre for a certain distance, it's best to get it fixed as soon as possible. Driving with punctured tyres is risky and can invite unwanted trouble. Also stay protected with comprehensive insurance for your vehicle. Buy car insurance policy online and get the perks of reliable coverage that can safeguard your car against mishaps and expenses.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.