Here are the most common fire hazards you must know about

Here are the most common fire hazards you must know about  28th November 2022

Since fire can destroy things quickly and significantly, you should pay close attention to the aspects that may cause an accident within a short period. Irrespective of our nature of work, we all should learn as much as possible about fire hazards. This factor will make it convenient for you to stay safe and always protected from fire hazards.

There are several common fire hazards around you, and they should be managed appropriately to ensure complete safety. Let us now take a detailed look at common fire hazards and their probable causes.

1. Faulty electrical systems:
Two main things that cause fires are faulty electrical systems and equipment. Since every place has electronics and electrical outlets, you should always check them regularly to ensure they are working appropriately.
Loose cables, damaged plugs, open switches, old electrical goods, etc., are some of the factors that may result in a fire and spread rapidly. You should pay close attention to them to determine whether they require alterations. Fire insurance plans can also help you in this endeavour.

2. Flammable liquids and gases:
Flammable liquids and gases are two other elements that may lead to severe fire accidents. Petrol, diesel, kerosene, etc., are some flammable liquids you should be aware of. On the other hand, hydrogen, propane, ammonia, silane, and other gases can also be hazardous.
You will find the presence of these gases and liquids in restaurants, kitchens, garages, etc. Hence, you must be as careful as possible when handling them for multiple purposes. You may also learn about different safety measures and guidelines to follow if you encounter a hazardous situation.

3. Smoking:
Another aspect that can lead to severe fires is smoking, as it can often cause accidents within a short period. If you smoke at a place where flammable gases are used, the fire from your cigarette can lead to an explosion by coming in contact with the gases in the air.
Hence, you should never smoke within the premises of a factory that uses flammable substances. Different places and premises have dedicated smoking zones nowadays to make things safer for you.

4. Poor storage of combustible waste:
It is common for people to store flammable waste unattended in different areas. When you keep combustible items inappropriately, they often encounter heat or fire and cause severe accidents. Always discard each combustible waste accordingly to stay safe from fire accidents.

5. Unsafe cooking:
Unsafe cooking is also a significant factor to consider. Since we cook using gas, flammable fluids, or electricity, you should be careful and ensure you are doing everything correctly. While cooking, be attentive to the precautions you need to take to prevent mishaps. For example, you should never keep the oven on when not in use. Turn off the appliances once you use them.

Although fires can be dangerous and destructive, you can reduce their chances by a wide margin. Remember these fire hazards carefully and take your first step towards fire safety. Investing in premium quality fire safety equipment like fire alarms, smoke detectors, extinguishers, water sprinklers, etc., at your home or workplace is advisable. Having an appropriate defence mechanism against sudden outbreaks is crucial. Also, look for reliable fire insurance plans and choose the one that perfectly fits your requirement.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.