Here are the side effects of taking excessive painkillers

Here are the side effects of taking excessive painkillers  21st December 2022

Sometimes you suffer a severe headache and feel like someone is whacking you in the head with a hammer. You, therefore, take a few painkiller medicines, and the pain quickly passes! That is the magic of pain relievers. They alleviate the discomfort so you can get on with your day.

Painkillers do come with a fair share of hazards and can have detrimental consequences on your body, especially when taken frequently. This post will review how painkillers go through the potential long-term impacts they may have on the body.

Effects of chronic painkiller abuse on the body:

You inhibit your body from naturally reducing pain when you use a painkiller medicine longer or more frequently than is recommended. By tricking your brain into believing it needs the painkiller to feel good, these medications cause your body to produce fewer "feel good" chemicals and endorphins.

The central nervous system suffers significantly from this frequent use of analgesics. As we've already said, some painkillers slow down the central nervous system to help block pain. However, too much of them can make it hard to breathe, slow down your body's reactions, and make you slur your words.

Painkillers have effects beyond how they affect your body's natural pain-relieving systems and central nervous system. Abuse and dependence on painkillers can have repercussions throughout your entire body, such as

1. Your liver:
Your liver processes and breaks down the medications you consume. When you misuse painkillers, your liver retains the poisons from these drugs, which can cause severe and fatal liver damage.

2. Your heart:
To experience painkiller effects right away, some people crush or inject the drugs directly into their bodies. But doing so results in the medicine going straight into the bloodstream, which impacts the heart. Abusing painkillers over a long period can result in major cardiovascular problems and risks of heart attacks.

3. Your stomach:
Even after taking painkillers for a day or two, stomach and intestinal problems can still develop. Abuse of painkillers can cause haemorrhoids, intestinal blockages, bloating, abdominal distention, and constipation.

4. Your veins:
Injecting painkillers for an extended period is fatal, especially if the needles are shared or not sanitised. Blood-borne infections, illnesses, and blocked veins can result from injecting painkillers drugs.

Once a person becomes dependent on a painkiller, there is no way to stop without going through withdrawal. Even though withdrawal symptoms don't last forever, they can include nausea, vomiting, trouble sleeping, aches and pains, irritability, and anxiety. If you or a loved one is suffering from a painkiller addiction, seeking immediate treatment is crucial because it's typical for people to overdose when attempting to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

How can you take painkillers more effectively?

• Before taking any painkillers, if possible, speak with a doctor

• Avoid taking painkillers for more than a few days straight

• To limit the risk of problems and side effects, start a new drug at the lowest dose possible

• Take the drug only as prescribed, never more. You can visit a doctor for the maximum dose or look it up in the drug information booklet

• Avoid giving others access to your painkillers

• Consult your doctor rather than taking more painkillers if the pain persists or gets worse after taking them

Most over-the-counter medicines are safe for treating mild to moderate pain. But these can also have negative side effects, some of which could be fatal, just like any medication. People who often use painkillers should speak with their doctor to ensure proper treatment and avoid any negative consequences.

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