Here are the top things to consider before you buy a used motorcycle

Here are the top things to consider before you buy a used motorcycle  23nd January 2023

The volatility of employment and predicting an incoming global economic recession are challenging. These make the consumers to save for tomorrow rather than spend on luxuries and comforts today. While motorcycles are cheaper than cars, they are by no means easy to afford with rising inflation, fuel costs, and other allied servicing costs.

This often leaves a majority of potential buyers to consider a second-hand motorcycle. While many have concerns about buying used motorcycles, by doing due diligence, inspecting the vehicle's mechanical condition, and purchasing two-wheeler insurance India, you can get your hands on a beneficial asset that can provide you with value for years to come!

Here is a checklist of bike parts and inspections to run through before purchasing a used motorcycle.

1. Engine:
The engine is the heart of any vehicle. To check the engine's condition, request the seller not to run the bike. A cold start is the best way to gauge the engine's usage and wear and tear. Look out for smoke from the exhaust pipe or any sputtering noises. Oil leaks are another sign to keep a watch for.

2. Drive chain and sprocket:
While these components may seem highly technical, they are readily identifiable parts in all two-wheelers. Simply put, it refers to the bike chain and the chain wheel, which facilitate gear engagement, acceleration, and power transmission.
Ideally, the chain should only have a slack of three-fourths of an inch to function appropriately and should not shift off the wheel when prodded. If the wheel displays signs of corrosion or wear and tear, it indicates a poorly-maintained bike. Ensure you list your dissatisfactions and factor them in when negotiating a fair price with the seller.

3. Tyres:
Well-maintained tyres are essential for a safe riding experience. Put the motorcycle on its centre stand and check its tread depths. Ensure that they are not too deep, which results in poor gripping and an excess risk of accidents. Cracks along the inner side or rubber toughening are signs of weathered tyres.
Also, check the wheel alignment by spinning the rear wheel. Any wobbling or creaking are indicators of weathered wheel bearings which require replacement. Ensure you check the tyres thoroughly to estimate the cost of repairs and acquisition of the used motorcycle.

4. Visible frame:
The motorcycle's frame can be challenging to inspect depending on the effort spent to spot the issues. Scratches and dents may be the signs of accidents that inevitably affect the overall functionality of the bike's components.
In case you purchase such bikes, even after buying two wheeler insurance India, you may not be able to claim the insurance amount due to the vehicle's poor condition before the accident.

5. Under-seat storage:
An often overlooked part, the under-seat storage locking mechanism, must be checked when purchasing the vehicle. Feel around the space underneath the seat to ensure that it is steady to fit your belongings.

6. Odometer:
Contrary to popular belief, it is easy to replace an odometer. Sellers of old vehicles can tamper with the odometer and try to sell off an old bike as a relatively new one. After inspecting the motorcycle as per the above checklist, check the odometer reading. Ensure that it is aligned with the condition of the vehicle.

While this is not a comprehensive list, it covers the essential things to check before purchasing a used motorcycle to protect yourself from misrepresentation and unfavourable deals. Additionally, since used bikes have a relatively unsafe perception, we recommend buying 2 wheeler insurance online to protect yourself from the risk of financial losses due to accidents.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.