Here is a checklist to follow after the completion of servicing of your bike

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Here is a checklist to follow after the completion of servicing of your bike  25th February 2021


Buying a bike takes a lot of thought and planning. Multiple factors influence your purchase. You arrange the funds, and after making a final decision, you pay the money and get a brand new bike. Just like your other possessions, your motorcycle needs optimum care too.

Maintenance of your bike is as essential as your safety while riding it. Whether you frequently use your motorcycle or occasionally, you need to ensure that your vehicle is not damaged. Even a tiny impaired part could cause significant harm to the bike and risk your safety. So as the owner, be careful about its regular maintenance.

All bikes have their periodic servicing cycle. Ensure to get professional servicing for your motorcycle at the authorised service stations. These centres use authentic spare parts recommended by the manufacturer and follow all the procedures to ensure that your bike does not suffer any damages in the long run.

But what happens after your bike is serviced? How can you assure that it has undergone proper servicing? Well, this blog will discuss what you need to keep in mind the next time you get your bike after servicing.

1. Air pressure:
Check the air pressure in the tyres. Unless your bike's tyre is visibly flat, you can't just judge the tyre inflation. Instead, use a tyre pressure gauge to check the correct pressure. Regularly check the motorcycle at different pressures when you ride it.

2. Engine oil:
You should inspect the engine oil after the servicing is completed. Make sure that proper levels are maintained. Look for any leakages. Carbon deposits can thicken the engine oil. Running the bike on dirty oil can damage the engine life in the long run.

3. Brakes:
Examine the brakes very carefully. Your bike's brakes are vulnerable to damage due to their excessive usage on the roads. Make sure that your brakes are not very loose or very tight, which would cause difficulties in applying them when needed.

4. Screeching noise:
If you hear a screeching noise, it could be due to an issue in the front brake pads. Make sure that they are appropriately checked and replaced if needed. Lack of oil could also be one of the reasons for such noises.

5. Spark plug:
Make sure that the spark plug is cleaned. And in case of any damages, ensure that it is replaced. The spark plug is connected to the engine combustion and should undergo regular maintenance. You can keep an eye out for checking the carburettor, air filters, chainset, etc.

Now that we've discussed the checklist you need to follow after completing servicing of your bike, you need to think about how to keep your bike safe from damage during unprecedented situations. The solution is to get your bike insured. And now, you can purchase bike insurance online from the comfort of your home and even get attractive deals with extra benefits. These benefits can reduce your monetary stress and cover your bike's repairing or garage costs.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.