Here is a list of medications you must carry on a trip

Here is a list of medications you must carry on a trip  19th July 2022

With today's working culture and daily hustle, travel is one way to unwind and relieve stress. Considering the various travel destinations and experiences, it is no surprise that people want to leave the comfort of their homes at least once a year to explore exotic places. However, you must have faced instances where you have fallen prey to common ailments on a trip, ruining your whole stay while your loved ones had the time of their lives.

It is very taxing to hunt for medicines in a place where you don't know the language and are a stranger. So, it is wise to make a medical kit where you keep medications for the most common ailments. This blog gives you a list of medicines you must consider carrying on a trip.

1. Antacid:
With a new, exotic cuisine to try, no one plans to walk around the trip with a stomach burn from acidity. So, an antacid is extremely important to carry on a trip to remain tension-free about all the new food you will savour.

2. Diarrhoea medicine:
Travellers often visit new and exciting places in remote areas to absorb fresh perspectives and quaint experiences. However, they face health issues while adapting to the food and water in these unfamiliar regions, creating an uncomfortable situation with diarrhoea. Carry anti-diarrhoea medicine in all of your travels to get rid of this problem.

3. Fever medication:
No tourist wants to lie in bed with a headache and fever instead of exploring a place's attractions, cultures, and heritage. Take a paracetamol pill and get going with your day as a quick fix to a jet lag-induced headache or joint pain.

4. Cough syrup:
Cough syrups are essential while going on a trip. No one likes a scratchy and congested throat while moving around the city, asking for directions, or ordering food. It's best to take one that does not make you sleepy to enjoy your trip to the maximum.

5. Laxative:
With all the new types of food you will be trying out, it's best to keep a laxative handy for the trip to avoid any complications with your digestive system.

6. Diabetic supplies, including insulin:
If you have diabetes, ensure to take all the medicines prescribed by your doctor along with you. It's best to make a separate package for all your medication for diabetes. If you take insulin subcutaneously, it is best to store it in a cold place.

7. Motion sickness medication:
Motion sickness is a problem that ails the majority of travellers. Take some over-the-counter medication with you just in case it decides to make an appearance.

8. Antihistamines:
Allergies can spring up on you at the worst of times, leaving you with itchy eyes and a scratchy throat. It's better to be safe than sorry and pack mild histamine for these issues.

9. Sleeping pills/mild sedative:
If you have trouble falling asleep in new places, consider taking some mild sedatives with you just in case. Ending up sleep deprived on a trip certainly reduces the magic of it, so it's best to have your beauty sleep and be active during the day.

Sickness during a trip is highly uncomfortable and can significantly spoil the trip's fun. And there might be complications that can leave everyone frustrated. Carry the medicines above with you and avoid health ailments affecting your vacation.

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