Here is the list of lesser-known traffic violations that you must be aware of

Here is the list of lesser-known traffic violations that you must be aware of  31st October 2022

The strict implication of rules and regulations in a densely populated nation like India is required to maintain law, order, and discipline. Several rules have been laid down over time and are also ever-changing, with constant reforms.

But, due to the lack of awareness of the existing traffic rules, most people suffer losses in terms of fines on the road. When you end up paying fines on the road, you're causing a financial and ethical loss to yourself. It can be easily avoided if you have a better knowledge of the country's traffic rules.

If you lag in keeping up with traffic rules and regulations, then you'll benefit from this article. Regardless, we suggest you stay up-to-date with your insurance so that your vehicle does not undergo any damage. Book your calendar in advance for your car insurance renewal so that you don't have to face the discontinuity of your policy.

Further, we will highlight some of the country's lesser-known traffic rules. They will help you save up on fines and stay informed while driving on Indian roads.

List of some lesser-known traffic violations in the country:
1. You violate traffic rules if you have tinted glasses on your car, truck, or van. You are entitled to a fine of INR 100 or more, and your licence can also be suspended. Various State Governments first ordered the removal of tinted glasses. The rule is extremely strict, and it does not spare anyone.
2. All the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore have a rule of mandatory silencers in all vehicles. If your vehicle does not have a silencer, you are likely to pay a fine of about INR 10,000. This has been done to keep the noise pollution levels in check.
3. If you use high-beam headlights at night, you are likely to pay a fine of INR 500. It is done keeping in account the increasing number of road accidents due to the use of high-beam headlights at night. It is considered extremely dangerous. On the contrary, if you are found driving without headlights at night, you also have to pay the penalty for it. Ironical yet true!
4. Smoking inside the car is prohibited in India. If you're found guilty of this, you'll have to pay a fine of up to INR 500 for the same. The act of smoking is harmful to the driver as well as the co-passengers.
5. In most metro cities like Kolkata and Chennai, it is necessary to have a first aid kit in your vehicle at all times. Failure to produce one upon inspection can result in a fine. It was done to ensure the safety of the driver and the vehicle's passengers. It is also mandatory to follow this in the case of new vehicles.
6. The use of pressure horns is liable to be fined in India. If you have installed a pressure horn in your vehicle, you might have to pay a fine of about INR 1,000 or more if stopped by the police.

All drivers in India must remember these lesser-known traffic rules when they hit the road. It will save a lot of time, effort, and money. Further, it will ensure your safety and prevent you from getting in trouble. It is crucial to abide by the traffic rules and encourage others to do so. Keep all your documents up-to-date and handy, especially the PUC and car insurance. You should never miss out on your car insurance renewal. Take charge of your role as a responsible driver.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.