Here is the list of superfoods to add to your kid's diet for better brain health

Here is the list of superfoods to add to your kid's diet for better brain health  21st November 2022

Raising kids is no picnic. Parents' entire world revolves around their children. Several aspects factor in their upbringing, including education, health, financial aid, culture, tradition, habits, and much more. Nutrition is one of the most critical quotients to take care of during your initial parenting years. Your children's health during the formative years determines several things about the upcoming phases in their lives and how they would reflect in their lifestyles. And amongst the various components of children's health is the development of their brain, which would then influence their learning capabilities, socialisation, co-curricular, ambitions, etc.

Catering to your kids' basic nutrition requirements is essential. But at the same time, have you ever thought about how different types of food can enhance your child's brain? How can it affect their mind and the abilities that come with it? We have the answers. This blog will provide a barrage of options to include in your kids' diets. So, here is the list of superfoods to add to your kid's diet for better brain health.

1. Berry merry:
Your child's diet should include berries rich in antioxidants (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, etc.). They are an abundant source of vitamin C, reducing cancer chances in the later stages of life. The brighter and more vibrant the colour of the berries, the more nutrients they are believed to have. So, make sure you give your children the rainbow diet of berries without fail!

2. Yoghurt, please:
It is a snack proven to be rich in protein. Enhance your child's brain health by inculcating unsweetened yoghurt in their diet. Dairy products such as yoghurt are rich in substances like iodine, which has been scientifically proven to help develop your child's brain by improving its cognitive function and growth. Sufficient levels of iodine in your kid's diet can help reduce risks of cognitive impairment compared to children who are habituated to lower than required amounts of iodine.

3. Eggs are a must:
An immense protein source, eggs are essential to your child's diet. Egg yolk contains choline, a significant nutrient source aiding brain development. Eggs can be served in various forms-burritos, rolls, wraps, omelettes, poaches, etc., attracting children to eat without trouble. They also help in providing energy and strengthening the bones in the body, which would help in later stages of life by reducing the risk of the brittleness of bones and injuries.

4. Oranges all the way:
A very popular source of vitamin C, oranges are one of the children's favourite fruits. Besides being rich in vitamin C, they are also a huge booster for your child's cognitive health and development. They enhance blood flow when consumed in the form of juices, fruits, or foods. A boost in the blood flow when it reaches the brain increases nerve activity, thus improving the overall cognitive performance of the brain in the long run.

Other superfoods include beans, oats/oatmeal, fish (rich in omega 3), leafy greens like spinach and lettuce (rich in vitamin E and K1), cocoa, nuts, peanut butter, and many more.

The list of superfoods mentioned above includes food items readily available in the Indian markets and have high nutritional value for your child's brain and body. We hope that the options discussed above provide sufficient alternatives and reasoning behind why you should include these food items in your child's meals and how they enhance their brain health.

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