Here is the list of the top race tracks for biking enthusiasts

Here is the list of the top race tracks for biking enthusiasts  05th August 2022

If racing fantasies you and if you consider yourself a biking enthusiast, we’ve got you. We all have been fascinated by high-speed car and bike chases and races in our lives. Be it watching Formula One racing or watching movies about speed, they blow our minds with all the stunts, the cinematography, the angles, the acting, sound effects, visuals, and most importantly, “the adrenaline rush” these sequences provide us.

But does India support such racing events? Are there any such riding competitions held in our country? Do you have such questions and require more information on this subject? Well, this blog will have answers which will pique your interest in this topic. Here is the list of the top race tracks for biking enthusiasts.

1. Buddh International Circuit:
Constructed in Greater Noida, Buddh International Circuit made it to the national and international headlines as India’s official Formula One circuit. India is one of the few countries with a racetrack for large-scale international events. The Buddh International Circuit also hosted the Indian Grand Prix for a couple of years, making India one of the few countries to pull it off.
And not just Formula One, this circuit has hosted several competitions such as the National Racing Series, the F1600, the T1 Truck Racing Series, and the National Motorcycle one-make series, to name a few.

2. Madras Motor Racetrack:
This racing track is situated in Irungattukottai, Chennai, India’s first official circuit. It was constructed around the 1980s and was finally set in motion for its purpose in 1990. It has seven turns in its short club track, while the track consists of twelve turns altogether. The short club track has a length of 2.1 km, and the entire circuit is designed in a clockwise pattern.
The racetrack acquired its grade two licence to host multiple bike and car races in several categories, including GT and touring car racing. It staged several other races except for Formula One. The Madras Motor Race Track has also hosted National Touring Cars, the National Motorcycle, and the one-make Motorcycle Championship, to name a few other races. The racetrack is considered to be fit for off-road Supercross competitions too.
The other purpose this racetrack serves is for bike, and car manufacturers, as several of them test their vehicles on this track to check the quality and other features and whether their product requires rework or is fit to be rolled out to the public.
Various automobile-related newspapers, magazines, and websites use these tracks to understand different vehicles better before publishing content about them for their enthusiastic audiences.

3. Kari Motor Speedway:
The racetrack called Kari Motor Speedway is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. This track was opened in 2013 and has been named after racer and designer Late Mr. Sundaram Karivardhan.
In the past, this track acted as a runway for power gliders and was a part of the Karivardhan-owned aviation company. The Kari Motor Speedway has hosted events like National Touring cars, one-make series, and the National Motorcycle Championship, to name a few.

Some other race tracks in India are Chicane Circuit, Hyderabad, Meco Kartopia in Bangalore, etc., which host various karting competitions.

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