Here's how you can detect and cure vertigo with ease

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Here's how you can detect and cure vertigo with ease  21st March 2022


Vertigo is a widespread illness that affects roughly 15% of the global population and is often a symptom of a more serious health problem. A deceptive impression of motion, spinning, or feeling of unbalance denotes vertigo. Vertigo comes in various forms, and subduing the sign is not the solution.

An accurate diagnosis of what induces vertigo is viable only when the doctor makes a systematic examination. Although vertigo is a typical concern affecting people of all ages, it is observed that older adults experience this more than younger ones. That is why you must purchase trustworthy health insurance in India for parents to cover them under a financial safety net.

If you or your parents are suffering from vertigo, there are certain things you may do at home to alleviate the symptoms and lessen the impact on their bodies.

These are some of the home remedies.

1. Managing stress:
Stress can trigger some vertigo-causing disorders, such as Meniere's disease. Developing coping methods to deal with stressful situations may help you have fewer vertigo attacks. An ideal situation is to start with meditation and deep breathing methods.
Long-term stress isn't something you can breathe through, and the sources of stress aren't always easy to eliminate. Simply being aware of what is causing the stress may be enough to alleviate your vertigo symptoms.

2. Hydration:
Even mild dehydration can trigger vertigo. Drink an ample amount of water to keep your body active and avoid lethargy. The body craves 8 to 12 glasses of liquids every day, so water is the most suitable choice because it has zero calories or caffeine.

3. Vitamin D boost:
You might be right if you think your vertigo is caused by something you aren't getting in your diet. BPPV is the most frequent type of vertigo, which is commonly caused due to deficiency of vitamin D. Always check your vitamin D levels with your doctor to see whether you need to increase your intake or take supplements.

4. Acupressure:
Acupressure uses the same principles as acupuncture but without the need for needles. The P6 acupressure method, for example, involves a pressure point located in the two tendons between the inner forearm and the wrist. It provides relaxation and is effective in multiple ways to lower vertigo symptoms.

5. Exercise:
Yoga and tai chi reduce stress and improve flexibility and balance. Physical therapy in an outpatient setting teaches your brain to compensate for the cause of your vertigo, and home exercise can help you achieve the same result. Try easy yoga stances when you're dizzy. Avoid anything that requires rapid bending forward because it may boost your vertigo symptoms.

Vertigo is usually an indication of a more serious health problem. While treating vertigo at home can be quick, if the symptoms persist or become more severe over time, get medical help right there. Severe health problems can strike without warning, leaving you in a financial bind.

After a certain age, parents experience this problem due to several factors. Diagnosing the problem at an early stage is the best way to treat vertigo before it develops into a severe health condition. Choose proper health insurance in India for parents to cover them for medical or hospitalisation expenditures and provide a healthy and happy life.

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